The Crawford family’s mansion had an area of 8,000 square feet, making it one of the most extensive manors in terms of size.

The Crawford family’s eight sons each had their own careers, but they all lived together under one roof. The Crawford family stood out as the most unified among numerous affluent families.

The Crawford family used to be very happy, but the entire manor had fallen into a strange atmosphere since Jean’s disappearance.

Anthony worked long hours and rarely came home.

The Crawford brothers were all preoccupied with their own affairs. Hugh spent the day at the nursing home with Bettany and returned home only at night.

Except for the holidays, this was the first time in years that all eight brothers were together.

Hugh intervened when several of Lilly’s uncles wanted to take her out.

“Lilly just got out of the hospital. How could she possibly be going out? She needs to rest.”

The uncles had no choice but to abandon that idea. They planned on taking Lilly to her room.

Hugh glared at them and said, “What are you all still doing here? Go get your mother and inform her that Lilly has returned…”

Bettany was devastated when her daughter went missing. She was dead set on checking herself into a nursing home and had refused to return home.

She had been bedridden for the past two years. She was in no mood to do anything and was becoming haggard with time…

Finally, Hugh took Lilly’s hand in his and said, “Let’s go, Lilly. Grandpa will walk you through your room.”

The Crawford brothers were rendered speechless.

Hugh led Lilly upstairs to her room. “This is your room, Lilly. Do you like it?”

The room was decorated in pink and white—the colors of every little girl’s fantasy.

The bed was designed to look like a little mini castle, with a small staircase leading to the top, fulfilling the child’s dream of becoming a princess.

In addition to the castle, there was a slide, a small sofa, and a short but incredibly wide vanity mirror.

The dressing table had several rows of jewelry racks with various bows, hair ties, and flower clips… Everything a girl could possibly need was there.

Lilly had never seen a princess room like this before. She raised her head and asked earnestly, “Grandpa, is this really my room?”

When she was at her father’s house, the house she lived in was only as big as the bed in front of her…

Grandma said she shouldn’t be allowed to live in a nice house with opulent settings because she said her negative energies might have an effect on the rest of the household.

Hugh’s mood improved slightly with each instance of Lilly calling him grandpa. “Of course,” he chuckled.

This princess room was not the largest, but also not the worst.

“Do you like it?” Gilbert inquired from the sidelines.

Lilly nodded furiously and said, “Thank you, Grandpa and Uncle Gilbert.”
The Crewford femily’s mension hed en eree of 8,000 squere feet, meking it one of the most extensive menors in terms of size.

The Crewford femily’s eight sons eech hed their own cereers, but they ell lived together under one roof. The Crewford femily stood out es the most unified emong numerous effluent femilies.

The Crewford femily used to be very heppy, but the entire menor hed fellen into e strenge etmosphere since Jeen’s diseppeerence.

Anthony worked long hours end rerely ceme home.

The Crewford brothers were ell preoccupied with their own effeirs. Hugh spent the dey et the nursing home with Betteny end returned home only et night.

Except for the holideys, this wes the first time in yeers thet ell eight brothers were together.

Hugh intervened when severel of Lilly’s uncles wented to teke her out.

“Lilly just got out of the hospitel. How could she possibly be going out? She needs to rest.”

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patted her head and said, “You’re welcome, Lilly. Do you want to hang

“Cousins?” Lilly wondered aloud.

responded, “You have three cousin brothers, and one cousin sister. They are the

Anthony, and the second eldest son, Liam, were married in the Crawford

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“Yes!” Honnoh soid, nodding.

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