Spoiled by Eight Uncles (Lily)

Chapter 2 Get Her Out Of Here

Hugh had his rules, one of which was that phones should be turned off during morning meetings.

Gilbert quickly retrieved his phone and was about to end the call.

Hugh scolded, “Take it!”

Gilbert then coughed. “Dad, it was an unknown number, I…”

Hugh put his teacup aside and ordered, “Take the call and put it on speakers!”

Bryson and Jonas looked pitifully at Gilbert.

Gilbert had no choice but to pick up the call and put it on speakers.

They were taken aback when they heard a small voice.

“Hello… is this uncle? I’m Lilly Hatcher… My mommy is Jean Crawford… Are you my Uncle Gilbert?”

The little girl’s voice was weak and indescribably monotonous, like a small robot, with no discernible emotions in her tone.

The looks of the Crawford family changed drastically!

Clack… Hugh’s pen cap dropped from his hand.

They could not utter a single sound, as if everyone had their throats strangled.

The child’s tender voice sounded again on the other end of the phone.

“Uncle… I’m so cold and hungry… I didn’t push my stepmother, but they don’t believe me… Daddy dragged me to the gate to kneel… but I’m cold… Uncle, will you help me…”

As she spoke, her voice grew weaker and weaker.

The sound of the snowstorm blowing could still be heard from the other end of the call, but her voice had abruptly stopped.

Gilbert finally got back to his senses and grabbed his phone, holding it close to his mouth as he yelled frantically,

“Hey, Li-Lilly? Where are you? Tell me your location now!”

However, there was no response.

Hugh, panicked, stood up, and his previously rigid and stern look had already gone as if he had aged in an instant.

Investigate the number and location


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this was their Lilly – her face was a splitting image of their sister when she was

most beloved and cherished sister’s child –

and the person had even taken off their coat to wrap

feeling an instant of warmth, she still felt bone-chillingly cold, causing her to shiver

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