Chapter 14 An Unsolvable Problem

Lilly quietly withdrew the hand holding the drawing.

Hugh suppressed his anger and said in an edifying manner, “Hannah, Lilly is giving you a present because she wanted to be friends with you. It was wrong of you to push her away.”

He couldn’t help but frown as he looked at the broken doll on the ground.

Liam’s daughter was extremely demanding. She would break down in tears whenever someone addressed her sharply.

Sure enough, Hannah started crying right away and shouted, “I don’t want!” while stamping her feet.

Lilly summoned her courage and offered Hannah the painting, saying, “Hannah, please don’t cry. I’m giving you this as a gift…”

After looking at the painting she was holding, Hannah pushed her away and exclaimed, “Nobody wants your garbage. Go away!”

After hearing the commotion, Liam’s wife, Winona, went upstairs. “Hannah, stop throwing tantrums!” she exclaimed quickly.

After that, she turned to Hugh and said, “Dad, Hannah is still young…”

Hugh scolded, “You must teach them while they are still young. I’ve already addressed this issue several times. How do you raise your kids? Even at such a young age, they are already so insolent. How will they fare in society when they reach adulthood?”

Winona bowed her head and stated, “Yes, Dad. I see what you’re saying.”

Hugh led Lilly away in a furious manner.

Hannah cried even harder when she saw her grandfather ignoring her and leaving. Then she dashed into her room, sweeping everything off the table and onto the floor.

Winona felt bitter in her heart because she thought the old man had spoken too harshly.

She would raise her child in any way she saw fit. Who had the right to tell her how to raise her children?

It would be a no even if that person were her children’s grandfather!

Hugh and Bettany had treated her well and respected her. They rarely interfere with her family’s affairs.

She was also constantly filial to them. She would look after their needs and even get them gifts during the holidays. She ought to be the best daughter-in-law there could be, right?

She only insisted on one thing—to bring up boys the hard way and girls to be princesses. What was the problem with her ideal?

Hannah was the Crawford family’s favorite child, and she could live comfortably even if she didn’t work in the future. Why should she follow society’s rules at such a young age? Wouldn’t it be better if she just lived as she pleased?

Winona entered the room and softly coaxed Hannah. “All right, Hannah. My sweet child. Baby, stop crying…”

Hannah cried even harder. “I don’t want! I don’t want to!”

Winona remarked, “Okay. Okay. Okay…”


Hugh led Lilly back to her room. The parrot flailed its wings and attempted to fly over when it saw Lilly returning, but the foot chain prevented it from doing so.
Lilly quietly withdrew the hand holding the drawing.

edifying manner, “Hannah, Lilly is giving you a present because she wanted to be friends with you. It was wrong of you to push

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drewings, Lilly’s expression instently chenged to one of focus. She seid with e nod, “Yes, I enjoy drewing. When I wes living with

her stepmother ripped the mejority of them. She’d hidden some in books end forgotten to

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her drewing. “This is e drewing of two children pleying in e strenge

There is e florel wreeth here!

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saying, “Polly, good Polly. I’ll let you out once Uncle has

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would be released only after it had gotten used to

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Hannah is always like this. She has a

said, “It’s

Hugh when she noticed his confused expression. “It’s all right, Grandpa. I, too, dislike giving away my possessions to

being more tolerant and generous to others. The adults may have thought

you give your prized

Hugh was taken aback.

young, but she appeared

sadder. Then, with a tender look on his face, he touched her head and asked, “Lilly, are you

the mention of drawings, Lilly’s expression instantly changed to one of focus. She said with a nod, “Yes, I enjoy drawing.

in books and forgotten to bring them with her when

to one of the drawings and asked,

into a presenter, proudly introducing her drawing. “This is a drawing of two children playing in

There is a floral wreath here! Lady Spring made this

clover sprouted from the crack where Uncle Stone split in two

said snobbishly, ‘Hmmph! None of you are as lovely as

her drawing, but it would tilt its head from time to

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