Tina had been proud of Cheryl since Cheryl won the national junior competition and was selected to join the National Art Council. She often mentioned it in front of outsiders.

She thought Cheryl was famous, and Lawrence from the National Art Council must remember Cheryl.

Nonetheless, she did not expect Lawrence did not recognize Cheryl at all.

Tina could not help but blush.

Cheryl was only a kid. She could not help asking, “Mr. Lambert, aren’t you here to recruit students?”

“Yeah. What’s wrong?”

“Then why haven’t you recruited me yet?” Cheryl asked.

Hearing that, Lawrence was confused.

However, Tina was embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, little girl but I’ve just accepted a student just now,” said Lawrence politely.

Hearing that, Tina was stunned. She forced a smiled and asked, “Lily?”

Lawrence nodded and could not help smiling at the mention of Lily. “Yes! Lily is a very talented kid!”

After saying that, he nodded and left.

Tina could not believe it. She could not help but condemn. “The Crawford family really spent money…”

Cheryl was stunned.

Did Lily become Mr.Lambert’s student?

Suddenly, Cheryl sobbed and ran away.

She hated Lily. Lawrence came here for her but Lily took it away.

Seeing that, Tina hurried to catch up

After bidding goodbye to Lawrence, Lily went back to her room. She then took a bath and changed into pink pajamas with two long rabbit ears, which made her look very cute.

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Bettany stroked Lily’s hair.

She is so independent.

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recalled the scene just now where Lawrence recruited Lily

Tulip, let me teach you some magic. Do you know magic? Look! Whoosh! And you can create a fireball! Or do you want to learn something else, like cast a spell? But you have to do

learn drawing from Mr.

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dreamt about Jean the other day, Jean told Lily to take care of Granny and left. Lily

choice but to dress up like Jean to comfort Lily. At the same time, he pretended to sound like Jean and said, “Lily, your master is a good man. You have to learn magic from him.


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Lily suddenly asked, “Master, can I really see

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the end, he decided to deceive her

Third Eye Activation. Everyone is born with the

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