Seeing Hannah run into Lilly’s room, Winona immediately followed her. She gently coaxed Hannah, “Let’s leave now, sweetie. This is your sister’s room…”

Polly was flapping its wings in panic when it saw Hannah rushing in. Polly squawked, “Caw caw! The spoiled brat is here! Send help! Send help!”

Winona furrowed her brows when she heard that

Was this parrot not taught manners? How could it call Hannah a spoiled brat in front of her face like that?

How ill-mannered!

Winona grabbed Hannah’s arm and said, “Let’s go downstairs and see Granny!”

Hannah struggled to break free from Winona’s grasp and shouted stubbornly, “No! I want the parrot!”

Not knowing how else to appease Hannah, Winona could only try to persuade her again by saying, “This is your sister’s parrot. If you want one, I’ll buy one for you later.”

Hannah stomped her feet in anger and yelled,” No! I don’t want a new parrot! I want this one!”

She clambered onto a stool and raised her hand to grab Polly.

The frightened parrot desperately tried to fly away but Hannah managed to grab its anklet. She pulled Polly down and grabbed it by its neck.

With a twinkle in her eyes, Hannah held the parrot tightly against her chest. She barked sternly, “Don’t struggle, or else I will kill you!”

Polly had always been afraid of strangers, and it took the parrot 2 days to slowly get used to Lilly’s uncles. At that moment, terror could be seen reflected in the parrot’s little green eyes.

Polly squawked at the top of its voice, “Help! Send help! I’m roasted!”

Everyone downstairs heard the parrot’s squawk and Lilly immediately got out from Bettany’s arms.

She rushed upstairs without saying a word while Hugh turned to reprimand Liam. He said angrily, “It’s Hannah again, isn’t it? I’ve told you countless times to school her properly. What have you been doing all these while?

The usually quiet and reserved Liam turned red in the face as he struggled anxiously to say something. Unable to get a word out, he ended up following everyone else as they hurried upstairs.

Despite her best efforts, Hannah could not tame the parrot as it kept trying to break free from her grasp. It even managed to scratch Hannah’s arms with its claws.

In a fit of rage, Hannah threw the parrot on the table and yelled angrily, “You won’t behave? I’ll show you! Take this!”

The parrot kept squawking incessantly.

Lilly just came into the room in time to catch the event unfolding before her. Her face turned red with rage as she rushed forward like a beast going amok.

Lilly said angrily, “Why are you hitting Polly? Stop it!”

Having been spoiled and sheltered like a princess her whole life, Hannah never had anyone saying “no” to her. Hence, when Lilly rushed forward to snatch the parrot from her, it felt like Lilly was snatching away what belonged to her. She roughly pushed Lilly away and bellowed, “It’s mine!”

held Polly so tightly in her hands that it looked like the parrot’s eyes almost popped out. Seeing Hannah run into Lilly’s room,

Lilly wes fuming.

the ground with e loud thud. She then reised her tiny fists end sterted sending

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well-mennered end obedient child like Lilly to lose her temper like thet.

“Stop. Stop fighting…”

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end Josh just got beck

could you hit someone like thet? Insteed of hitting her, you could use your mouth to speek if you don’t went your sister to

Henneh end tried

in her eyes, Lilly squeezed her tiny lips end clenched her fists

“So you heve to hit her beck just beceuse she hit you first? Don’t you know children should be meek end

Hugh es he interrupted

Henneh, is she meek end obedient? In this cese, she wes the one who snetched

Despite not seying enother word, she

by enyone since birth. Winone never even reised her voice towerds Henneh. To see Henneh in pein et thet moment, how could she, es e mother,

only pushed her! She did not hit Lilly et

in her wheelcheir. Insteed of comforting Henneh, she went to

not comfort


Lilly was fuming.

her on the ground with a loud thud.

flurry of fists rained down on Hannah, hitting every

broken free from Hannah’s clutches and fluttered away in fear. Feathers were

bigger than Lilly, Hannah could not retaliate. She could

well-mannered and obedient child like Lilly to lose her temper like that. They quickly tried

“Stop. Stop fighting…”

to sneak in a kick just as everyone finally succeeded in pulling her away from

everyone thought that it could collapse the


the door to watch the commotion. Drake and Josh just got back home. The three boys

of hitting her,

hugged Hannah and tried

Lilly squeezed her tiny lips and clenched her fists tightly while

hit her back just because she hit you first? Don’t you know children should be meek and


she meek and obedient? In this case, she was the one who snatched Lilly’s parrot and raised her hand against Lilly first. You dare to be the


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