Pablo was shocked.

No way! How could she succeed in such a short time? She’s indeed talented. It’s incredibly insane!

Lily looked around with her eyes wide open.

Right then, it seemed that everything around her came to life. The lamp on the cabinet, the mayfly, the osmanthus tree outside the window, and a few ants on the floor, etc. all came to life.

A middle-aged lady was hanging outside the window, staring at her.

Lily could not help but gasp.

“Hey!” The middle-aged lady poked her head in, with a strange look in her eyes. She stared at Lily and asked, “Can you see me? Are you afraid of me?”

Lily covered her head with the quilt and screamed, “Master! The woman at the window is so ugly!”

Pablo was speechless. However, he began to believe that Lily had activated her Third Eye.

The middle-aged lady was a female spirit. Pablo ignored her just now but he did not expect Lily could see her.

Pablo was excited.

Damn! She’s my student!

“Tulip, let’s see how good you are. Let’s take this ugly female spirit down!”

Hearing that, the female spirit was furious. She seemed insulted when Pablo and Lily said that she was ugly. She shrieked and pounced on Pablo right away.

Grabbing the female spirit’s long hair, Pablo said, “Lily, repeat after me. Whack and go away!”

“Whack and go away!” Lily repeated even though she did not understand what it meant.

Right then, Pablo loosed his grip, and the female spirit pounced on Lily.

Lily raised her hand subconsciously, and the female spirit flew far away with a whoosh.

In a hurry, Pablo grabbed the female spirit’s hair and pulled her back.

“Very good! Tulip!”

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