Back in Lilly’s room, Polly was snuggled in Lilly’s hands while she was snuggled in Bettany’s arms.

Lilly was sad seeing how shaken the parrot was after almost being strangled to death. She failed to protect Polly in an environment that was new and foreign to the parrot.

Seeing Lilly slowly calmed down, Bettany said, “Do you feel better now? This was indeed Hannah’s fault, not yours, Lilly.”

Hugh also chimed in, “Yeah! You are a very good and obedient girl.”

Bettany continued, “You are my lovely little gem!”

Both of them kept praising her one after another.

It was the first time for Lilly to be praised in such a way that she shyly fiddled with Polly’s wings and said, “Grandpa and grandma are lovely little gems too!”

The old folks were taken aback for a moment before they let out a hearty laugh.

Just then, Anthony was done with his meeting in the study and walked out. He furrowed his brow when heard about the fight between Lilly and Hannah.

His heart ached as he looked at Lilly from outside the door quietly.

Seeing Liam walk past, Anthony quietly said, “You need to settle this as soon as possible, Liam.”

When Winona was married into the family, her relationship with Liam was shaky, but they were able to get by relatively peacefully because they already had their son by then.

It was only until the birth of Hannah did the Crawford family find out the whole truth. When Liam asked for a divorce, the Jackson family refused to let it happen.

The whole issue with Winona was dragged on for so long because the Crawford were too preoccupied with searching for their missing sister, Jean.

Liam replied, “I know. But now that my two children are grown up, I’m afraid the divorce will affect them.”

No matter what, they were still his children and even though they did not always get along, Liam could not bear to lose them.

Anthony nodded. He knew that every family had their own skeletons in their closet and it was not his place to make decisions for Liam.

He replied, “You have to take care of it yourself.”

Both of them looked into Lilly’s room. It seemed like the storm had passed and the child was discussing her name with Hugh and Bettany.

She said, “Mommy said that a lily is a very pretty flower. It means love, admiration and compassion. This was why mommy named me Lilly.”

Even though she said it with a child-like voice, her straight face made it look like she had memorized what her mother said verbatim.

Bettany felt an ache in her heart as she nodded, “It is a good name. Your mother’s surname is Crawford, so you will also be called Crawford, okay?”

Lilly nodded happily, “Yes, Crawford. I’ll have the same surname as mommy!”

Hugh smiled and said, “Let’s see, what name goes well with Crawford?”
Back in Lilly’s room, Polly was snuggled in Lilly’s hands while she was snuggled in Bettany’s arms.

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