Early in the morning, Lily was stuck on the iron railings of the balcony.

Anthony and the rest of the family were stunned.

However, Zachary could not help laughing.

Lily was mad. “Don’t laugh!” she berated and stared at Zachary angrily.

Gilbert covered his mouth and coughed slightly. However, he could not hide the smile in his eyes.

Although everyone was worried about Lily, they still thought it was funny.

Only Bettany was anxious. “Stop laughing! Hurry up and help Lily out!”

Immediately, Liam said, “I’m calling 911 now!”

Hearing that, Lily was stunned. She refused at once. “No! Don’t call 911, Uncle Liam!”

Firefighters were Lily’s idol. When she was young, she saw them putting out a fire in South City. From that moment, firefighters were her heroes who could save the world.

For that reason, how could she let her idols see her like this?

However, Bettany did know what was on Lily’s mind. “Lily, it’s dangerous. Let firefighters help you to get out, okay?”

“No, Granny! I-I can come out. Wait a minute…” Lily resisted stubbornly.

With that, Lily took a deep breath and tried to squeeze her head out. However, she knocked on her head. It was painful.

Pablo was speechless. He could not help covering his face.

“Come on, don’t do that. You look stupid,” he said. “Try breaking the iron railings.”

Hearing that, Lily was stunned.

What? Break the iron railings? How is that possible?

Leaning against the railings, Pablo stared a Lily and said, “Come on! Try it for yourself! Why do you think I gave you the red bracelet?”

Hearing that, Lily looked at the red bracelet on her wrist.

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