The rest of the Crawford brothers narrowed their eyes when they heard Anthony’s words.

Gilbert loosened his wrists and cracked his knuckles; Edward, an architectural engineer with a fiery temper and tanned skin, scoffed and grabbed a rebar from nowhere.

“We’re law-abiding citizens. How can we openly assault someone in public?” Bryson, the good-natured Captain, said gently. He interjected a nurse nearby and said, “Hello, do you have a gunny sack in the storeroom?”

The nurse stuttered, “Yeah… yeah… we have a polybag and some paper boxes in the pharmacy.” She suggested the paper boxes instead, assuming they wanted to store something.

Bryson smiled and said, “Thank you. A gunny sack will be sufficient.”

The Crawford brothers thought, a sack will be useful to beat up someone.

Meanwhile, Stephen shivered in the cold as he waited outside the VIP wards. He swore in his heart, I’ve been up all night, and it’s almost daylight. Where the hell are the Crawfords?

Richard left earlier because he could not stand the cold any longer. He reminded Stephen to stay put and demonstrate their sincerity before he left.

Spring nights were colder than winter nights. Stephen could feel the biting cold filling his lungs with every breath of the stale air. The long wait had also left him hungry and exhausted. All he wanted to do was return home, take a warm, relaxing shower, and sleep the rest of the day away.

more unbearable when he considered the cozy environment he could be at. Stephen decided it was pointless to

to the underground car park. “Remember to call me once the Crawfords leave…” Before he could continue, he experienced total darkness

are you?” Stephen screamed in agony

considered Lilly’s unfortunate situation. Their resentment grew as they remembered

mercy. “Do you know who I am? I’m the President of Ador Hatcher Corporation. How dare

his tie. He then motioned for his brothers to stop the assault. Everyone complied with his

to have backed down. However, the rebar landed forcefully on

rang out throughout the parking

made matters worse was that he had no idea whom was to blame and had no way of finding out. His adversaries did not

were awake, he would notice the lack of sincerity in her eyes. The woman appeared to be a worried wife, but she was secretly distraught over Lilly’s unexpected newfound identity

of the news yesterday. She fumed inwardly, how did that bastard become the only beloved daughter

had intentionally caused the fall so that she could get rid of the baby. She knew that the Hatchers were experiencing financial difficulties and that Stephen was on the verge of bankruptcy after incurring numerous debts. Debbie believed that a young and beautiful lady like her had a good chance of finding a new husband; one who was wealthier and more powerful than Stephen. If she had a child, remarriage would be more difficult for her. As a result, she needed to find a way to make the baby

child loved by no one. Since her birth, the Hatchers had never been kind to her. Stephen had even admitted in his drunken stupor that he despised her presence. Hence, Debbie felt

greatest families. What should I do? I’ll be in trouble if

VIP ward, Lilly opened her eyes once again. This time, the room was completely empty

at the door. Her face lit up when she saw Gilbert enter the room. Hugh had instructed them to wait outside the ward in order to

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