Winona embraced Hannah who was crying. She began to shed tears as well.

Winona felt that the situation was too cruel as Liam remained indifferent towards Hannah despite being together for six years.

As they were crying, Helen made a video call. “What’s going on?” she asked as Winona picked up.

Winona proceeded to tell Helen everything that happened.

“Seems like I was right! When the Crawford family only had Hannah, they would pamper her like a princess! However, everything’s changed ever since that brat joined the family!” Helen uttered furiously.

Hannah cried louder as she heard their conversation. She realized that it was the first time that she got beaten yet no one cared about her.

“Mom, that’s enough,” Winona muttered in frustration. “Did I say anything wrong? It’s the truth! The fact that a blood-related child is no match for an adopted brat left me speechless!” Helen said as she glared at Winona through the screen.

“Lilly will inherit the Crawford family name soon,” Winona said. Helen shook her head and said, “Hannah is done for when that happens! Lilly is a brat that shouldn’t be provoked. She pushed her stepmother down the stairs and caused her miscarriage. Despite that, her uncles decided to cover up the truth and caused the Hatcher family to go bankrupt!”

Winona frowned and replied, “Wasn’t it Lilly’s stepmother that caused her own miscarriage to frame her?”

“Give me a moment, I’ll send you the evidence,” Helen said. Winona received a video recording the next second. The recorder was a person that used a voice changer. They claimed to be good friends with Debbie.

The recorder showed a medical report stating that Debbie had undergone critical conditions twice due to a miscarriage. After that, a video recording displayed two bodyguards forcing Paula, Richard, and Stephen out of the Hatcher Mansion. Moreover, the recording revealed Edward holding Stephen’s head and brutally smashing it against the wall.

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of hatred. She suffered major blood loss twice! They said that Hannah is being disobedient, but Lilly is straight-up outrageous! She’s a sly brat yet she’s good at putting on a façade despite her young

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words in mind as she listened


The fact that Lilly caused Debbie’s miscarriage and caused the bankruptcy of the Hatcher family had reached multiple online groups within a week.

that Lilly was about to inherit the Crawford family

in different styles and colors. “Lilly, choose a dress that you like!” Bettany said

right. All of these are yours.” Lilly hesitated for a moment and approached Bettany. She

in the style of twin pigtails with two pink butterfly-shaped

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