Winona was bringing a bowl of noodle soup to Hannah’s room. Hannah liked to sleep in, even on schooling days, she would sleep until ten o’clock.

Usually, Winona would serve breakfast in bed, soothe her grumpiness and prepare her for kindergarten.

Lilly greeted her but she replied to her greeting in an aloof manner. Suddenly, she looked down at the bowl of noodles that she was holding.

The noodle soup is boiling, what if I drop it on Lilly’s face…

Winona was shocked by her own intrusive thought, she quickly calmed herself down and walked past Lilly with her typical standoffish face.

Lilly felt a sense of fear, “Master, what is that on Aunt Winona’s face?!”

Pablo was floating beside Lilly, “It’s the aura of death.”

“What is the aura of death?” Lilly asked.

Pablo squinted his eyes and said, “Means…she killed a person.”

Only a person who has killed someone and stayed beside them when they were dying would have this aura.

Lilly felt extremely concerned. She hugged her rabbit toy tightly and jogged back to the room to find Polly.

Pablo asked curiously, “Why are you bringing Polly?”

Polly was a talkative bird, he tended to babble random words and sing questionable songs when he was bored.

For instance, ‘Baby Kitty, meow, meow, meow, meow’.

Can you imagine a parrot imitating a cat?

It’s disastrous!

Lilly said, “I feel worried about leaving Polly at home!”

What if Aunt Winona kills him and makes him into a dish…

Polly instantly puffed up his feathers which was a sign of alertness.

“Monster! Concerned! Concerned!” Polly screamed loudly.

Lilly petted him to calm him down, “Let’s go now!” She said.

She was wearing an overall jumpsuit while carrying a kitty bag. The little toddler with two braids then ran down the stairs with a rabbit toy in one hand and a parrot in another.

How could she be so cute?!

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