Lilly looked around, yet she still saw only an empty room. “Who are you?” she asked in a shaking voice.

“I’m your master,” the voice answered calmly.

The little girl scowled at the absurd response. “I don’t have a master,” she said firmly.

Suddenly, a shadowy figure sat in the chair next to the bed. The young man, dressed in a white robe, was not visible to the rest. He had blood-red lips, piercing grey eyes, and a high nose. He exuded a cold, sinister aura.

The man glared at the little girl before him and thought, I thought she was going to be an ignorant dumb child. It seems like it isn’t that easy to fool her…

“Tulip.” Before he could continue, Lilly hissed, “My name is not Tulip. I’m Lilly.”

The man rubbed his chin and said, “I’m really your master. Your mum asked me to be your master when she was still around.”

“No, she won’t,” Lilly protested. She did not believe her mother would give her up to a stranger.

The man was speechless at her denial. When Jean was about to die, she saw him and begged him to protect Lilly and the Crawfords. The little girl was only two years old then and could not see his spiritual body. However, the fact remains that he was her master! When Lilly was on the verge of death two days ago, she could finally hear his voice. Nonetheless, she refused to believe his words.

The man rubbed his nose and stated, “Jean Crawford is your mother, and you are Lilly Hatcher. I know who you are.”

Lilly pursed her lips and retorted, “Everyone knows that.”

a clever young lady. The Hatchers would never be able to bully her if it weren’t for her petite stature and desire to be

overthink everything, little one. When you are well enough, we can do the ceremonious activities. My name is Pablo Belmont. I

Pablo explained, “It’s natural that you don’t know who I am because I wasn’t born in your era. However,

When she realized her question had met with silence, she asked again,

why did you leave me alone?” Nobody cared about her since her mother died, not even when she was crying or hurt. For the past year, she tried her best to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. Despite her efforts, her father and grandparents did not adore her. Debbie even beat her up at

he offered no further explanation. Lilly bit her

said, “Get some rest. I’ll be back later. This is my welcome gift for you.” He had rushed to see Lilly and needed to

a searing sensation and found red threads circling her wrist. The room fell silent once again. She looked around but saw

Lilly’s wounds mostly recovered. Finally, she was well

quickly. Given the severity of her injuries, I expected it to take three

arrived and observed Lilly on the bed, her eyes glued to

this?” He pointed to the

raised her head and asked, “Where’s my

off the little girl and emptied her bag to get her ready for the emergency room. He tossed the filthy rabbit

important, Lilly? I’m afraid that it’s gone,” Gilbert spoke gently. He quickly added, “I can get you a brand new rabbit toy. I’m going to

She tried desperately to stop the tears from streaming down her cheeks. She squeaked,

thing left. It was the only thing Mommy had left for

Gilbert and a tearful Lilly, he scowled and asked solemnly,

to admit the rabbit was gone for good for fear

Don’t be upset.” He was more than capable of purchasing all

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