Lilly grabbed a plastic bag.

It was the plastic bag that was used to contain Polly’s feces. It was inappropriate to litter so, she kept the plastic bag in her backpack.

The female spirit stiffened, “You…don’t tell me you’re expecting me to attach on this thing?”

Are you serious? How did I end up like this?!

Lilly shook the plastic bag and said, “No, not dirty at all!”

There was a lump of feces in the bag. She then took out a napkin and folded it in half.

“Lilly, what are you doing?” Liam asked curiously.

Lilly looked, “Not much. I’m just helping the Ugly Aunty wipe her face.”

In Lilly’s drawings, she often gave inanimate objects names, like ‘Uncle Grass’ and ‘Flower Lady’…

Liam thought Lilly was referring to the plastic bag and was amazed by her imagination.

Pablo said, “Soul-shifting is a difficult skill. It’s incomparable to the activation of the Third Eye. How about you give it a try? It’s okay if you fail.

Lilly nodded.

Pablo did some spells and pointed at the female spirit, “Go!”


In just a few seconds, the Female Spirit was attached to the plastic bag.


“Can you remember the spells?” Pablo asked.

Lilly tilted her head and looked extremely confused.

She stretched out her little fingers and counted the words.

So many words… A hundred in total! Master is so fast!

Pablo looked at her disappointedly, “If it’s too much to remember, fine then…”

Before he had the chance to finish his words, the female spirit flew out of the plastic bag.


She’s out?” Lilly


Lilly’s eyes sparkled as she finally realized

the other way around! We’re supposed to let her

to mutter the spell


Spirit finally attached to the napkin in the plastic bag

She was speechless.

could even feel the

was completely stunned by

my god! Not only did Tulip memorize the entire spell instantly, but she could also

could even cast the

fell into a

here. Let’s go down!” Liam said

Lilly down the car while she was still holding the


best to

have cleaners here.”

squeezed her fingers

napkin with Polly’s poo and throw it

closed the car door and stretched out his

Lilly. Let Uncle Edward carry

his lips and immediately

don’t think a rough guy like you knows how to carry a

“Why are you underestimating me? You have two kids, so

and proceeded to carry Lilly to the

passed by them asked

joy, “This is my niece,” he replied

butted in, “My niece is

then proceeded to introduce Lilly to everyone in


Winona went shopping with her mother. They were

asked, “What’s with the sour

complained, “My mother-in-law claims that I’m not a good mother and that I did not raise

the only one who has the right to raise her. How


just slightly bad-tempered,

should not be too friendly. It sets their standard higher in the

have no attitude can be bullied easily. Moreover, she is born into such an affluent family so, she has all

say that? How can she interfere in your marriage? I guess there is not a single good mother-in-law in the world!”

can she tell you to divorce her son? She is such an evil person!” Helen

on my side. He even

is not even her father. Why does she

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