Spoiled by Eight Uncles (Lily)

Chapter 7 Return to the Hatcher Mansion

Debbie clutched a toy rabbit belonging to Lilly. “Don’t worry, Dad, Mum. Lilly left her toy rabbit at home. I’m sure she’ll come and get it back.”

Only Debbie understood the significance of the rabbit. It was the only present Jean had left her daughter. As a result, Lilly hugged it every day; even as she was nearly beaten to death, she could not bear to let go. Debbie remembered Lilly did not cry despite her constant pinching and yelling. Yet, when she grabbed the bunny and cut off an ear, the little girl immediately burst into tears.

“Are you sure she’ll be back?” Stephen looked at the tattered toy and asked skeptically. He did not see any value in the dirty toy rabbit.

Debbie smiled and said confidently, “You wouldn’t know this was her favorite toy since you didn’t spend much time with Lilly, Stephen. It holds a special place in her heart because her mom left this for her.”

Paula pondered for a moment before agreeing with Debbie’s analysis. She remembered Lilly always brought the rabbit everywhere she went, including the restroom.

“That’s great! I hope she’ll be back!” Paula said in exhilaration. She was confident of her abilities to coax a little girl.

Debbie’s eyes flickered as she thought, Lilly will return for the rabbit and the parrot. I’m not certain who owns the parrot, but it resides in the forest behind the Hatcher Mansion. No one can get close to it except for Lilly. Hence, she’ll personally return to fetch the parrot. It’s impossible to ask anyone to collect it on her behalf.

“I’ve already stitched and cleaned the rabbit just now. Lilly will be overjoyed to see it in a good state,” Debbie shared.

Stephen hugged his wife and said merrily, “Debbie, you’re the best! You’re so nice to Lilly, even though she has caused you so much pain. You not only forgave her, but you also fixed her rabbit. I’ll repay your kindness when the Hatchers regain our former glory.”

Debbie leaned on the man and pretended to be overjoyed. “I wish to help you in any way I can, Stephen.”

“Hurry, tidy the place!” Paula instructed Debbie. The servants were dismissed from the mansion after the Hatchers went bankrupt. Hence, there was no one left to instruct except for Debbie. Even though she did as she was told, the woman’s eyes flashed with hatred when no one was looking.

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