Spoiled by Eight Uncles (Lily)

Chapter 8 Unworthy to Be Lilly’s Mother

Lilly looked around the garden and shouted, “Polly!”

A loud squawk was heard, followed by the flight of a colorful parrot out of the woods. However, after flying one round around Lilly, it quickly flew back into the trees.

“Polly is scared of you, Uncle Gilbert,” the little girl whispered, motioning for Gilbert to remain silent. Her large watery eyes and endearing actions made her look adorable. He looked at the garden and suggested, “Lilly, why don’t I send someone to catch Polly so we can bring it home?”

She frowned and shook her head. “No.” As though worried that the parrot was eavesdropping, she checked her surroundings, she added, “We can’t catch Polly because it will be scared. It’s a good bird.”

Even though Lilly’s rationale amused Gilbert, he nodded and agreed to her plan.

“Don’t move, Uncle Gilbert,” the little girl tapped on his shoulder and instructed. She then walked into the garden and called for Polly once more.

“A Dumb Dumb! A Dumb! Dumb!” Polly sat on the tree branch and chirped.

Lilly chided, “Uncle Gilbert isn’t a Dumb Dumb, Polly.”

“A Bad Dog! A Bad Dog!” Polly chirped once more.

“Uncle Gilbert isn’t a Bad Dog,” the little girl explained. Gilbert was speechless at the incredulous conversation.

found herself walking deeper into the garden. Suddenly, she heard a sound. When she turned to look at the source of the noise, she noticed a pair of familiar eyes staring back at

her cries. “Aren’t you happy to see

that Gilbert was in the garden. She pinched the little girl’s face and said with a look of menace, “I don’t like that attitude of yours, Lilly. I’m still your

girl struggled to break free from Debbie’s clutches. Debbie thought furiously, since when

killed my baby, Lilly. Why are you treating me like this when I’m still willing to care for you?” Debbie hissed. She looked different from when she

me. But why would I fall if it weren’t for your sudden appearance? You should be responsible for my baby’s death. I’m in a miserable state. If your uncles asked about the

force her to follow instructions. However, Lilly bit her lip and remained silent. She refused to admit to a mistake that

my patience. She’s such a useless brat who

If you

and no one observed what caused me to fall. The Crawfords will unquestionably believe

teacher who abused a student and threatened to use his binoculars to spy on him. He was so terrified because he thought the teacher could hear everything he said. Because of this, the teacher could keep the parents in the dark. Intrigued by the ingenuity of the idea, she cautioned, “I’m warning you, Lilly. It doesn’t matter if your uncles promise to protect you. I’ll be able to

much to her astonishment. She let out a yell before immediately slapping the girl. Just as her palm landed squarely on Lilly’s face, the red string around her wrist

limps is so short and powerless. Does she

realized it. Gilbert had arrived and picked Lilly up right away. The latter looked at her

hard enough to knock Debbie to the ground. He

Lilly,” Gilbert snarled. He fixed his gaze on

Gilbert was present. She waved her hand and said meekly, “This must be a misunderstanding, Mr. Gilbert. Why will I

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