In the footage, Lilly could be seen cutting the cake. Drake rejected her when she gave him a slice.

Then, Hannah rushed towards Lilly. She pulled Lilly’s dress and pushed her. Lilly was trying to say something, but Hannah wouldn’t listen and slapped Lilly’s face.

Lilly got angry and started to fight back.

What they were saying could not be heard, but it was obvious that Hannah was the one who hit Lilly first.

Everyone looked at Cheryl in shock. Turned out that what she said just now wasn’t true.

“Didn’t Cheryl say it was Miss Lilly who hit Miss Hannah first? This is the opposite of what she said…”

“This isn’t right.”

Cheryl’s lie was exposed. She was so embarrassed that she felt like crying. It was also very awkward for her mother. She smiled and said, “A child might remember things wrongly…”

She didn’t expect the Crawford family to check the camera footage! She wanted to get on Winona’s good side, but she was left embarrassed.

Everyone didn’t believe Cheryl’s mother’s words. Cheryl wasn’t a toddler, so it was impossible for her to remember wrongly.

“In that case, we shouldn’t blame Miss Lilly.”

“Indeed. It was Miss Hannah who hit her first. She shouldn’t hit people no matter what.”

Everyone who pitied Hannah previously thought she was just a spoiled brat now.

Hannah was at a loss when she saw people doubting her, so she started crying again.

Winona was angry. Her voice was trembling as she said, “Anthony… How could you do this…”

She thought showing the footage in front of everyone would hurt Hannah’s pride. It would be a traumatic experience for her.

Anthony only stared at her without saying a word. Lilly and Hannah were both children. It wasn’t right if Winona thought Lilly should be wronged, yet Hannah shouldn’t.

Anthony looked at Hannah and said in a low voice, “Stand up!”

disobey Anthony. She sobbed and stood up. In the footage, Lilly could be seen cutting the cake. Drake

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