Pablo’s heart skipped a beat. He looked at Lilly in awe.

No way, is this just a coincidence?

He cleared his throat and said, “Return her to the jar. Do you still remember the soul-shifting spell, if you don’t…”

Before Pablo could finish his words, Lilly raised her hand and grabbed something from the window.

In no time, the Female Spirit returned to the jar.

Pablo touched his nose subconsciously.

What kind of sorcery is this…

Then, Liam handed over a round glass that contained milk, “Drink it, Lilly.”

Lilly took the glass politely and said, “Thank you, Uncle Liam!”

He grinned at Lilly proudly.

Even though he has two children of his own, he rarely spend time with his children. He admitted that he was not a good father.

He felt guilty when thinking of his own children. He petted Lilly’s head gently and asked mindlessly, “Lilly, do you think I should get a divorce with Aunt Winona?”

Lilly looked at him and asked innocently, “Uncle Liam, why do people marry if they are going to divorce anyway?”

She knew what “divorce” meant. It was a term that was frequently brought up by her father.

At that time she was still too young and did not really understand the meaning of it. However, she finally understood now; to divorce is to marry a new woman.

Lilly did not understand the ways of adults. It was their own decision to marry a person at first, why would they change their mind in the end?

Liam was startled by her question and did not know how to answer her.

He pursed his lips and said softly, “Well, it’s because Aunt Winona was pregnant with Zachary back then.”

Liam knew that it was a conscious choice he made, but the only thing that Liam was upset about was that he had no idea that he was cheated on until after Hannah was born.

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creeped out by her aggressive staring

but she gave birth to your son, Zachary. Are you the so-called f*ckboy?”

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is an employee as well.

right, I am an employee!”

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common sense. He prevented Lilly to enter the building that was under construction. Instead, he brought her to the plaza where the floor tiles have been laid and where the statue

plaza is fully built, and there’s a playground for children. Let’s

building in front of them that was under construction, “That building is an office building, and the building beside it that is shaped like a bowl is a shopping mall. There’s even a huge supermarket in the basement. I built all these. Did I

Lilly reassured


statue located in the middle

at the statue and said, “That is a statue of a phoenix, and it is made of stainless

arms and ran

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