Hugh stared at Winona coldly.

There was a hint of gentleness when he was speaking with Hannah but not anymore.

“Liam, take her back, so she can reflect on her mistakes.”

Hugh was already restraining himself. He didn’t reprimand Winona in front of everyone.

The other people didn’t know what he meant, except for Winona and Helen. Hugh probably wanted them to get a divorce.

Helen started to persuade Hugh, “Calm down. Winona only did that because she loved her daughter. It wasn’t on purpose. She is Hannah’s mother after all.” Helen was saying it with a smile, but she wasn’t happy either.

Winona was so embarrassed and stopped her mother. Then, she turned around and left. Helen followed behind her.

When they left the place, Helen started complaining again. “See? I told you they are biased. They are both children. How could they target their criticisms at Hannah? Hannah must be feeling aggrieved! They didn’t even scold Lilly. If this goes on, Hannah might be chased out of the family!”

Winona was annoyed. She said angrily, “Mom, stop talking. Just leave!”

Helen left while mumbling to herself.

Winona walked alone while wiping away her tears. She thought she didn’t do anything wrong, and that it was the Crawford family who was biased.

Winona was trying to suppress her grief, but she saw two people outside the mansion. A security guard wanted to look for the butler and walked past her. Winona stopped him immediately and asked, “What’s going on?”

The security guard replied, “There are two people outside claiming to be Lilly’s parents… I’m about to tell the butler.”

Winona was shocked. She was wondering whether it was Lilly’s biological father. She heard about the Hatcher family from South City. After Lilly caused her stepmom’s miscarriage, her biological father, Stephen, got angry and beat Lilly. The Crawford family bankrupted him immediately after that.

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