A skeleton hand fell out from the destroyed statue; it was holding something wrapped in paper.

Liam quickly held Lilly and covered her eyes from the eerie scene. Edward was stunned for a moment before collecting himself, “Liam, I think you should bring Lilly home first.”

“I want to stay here!” Lilly protested, but to no avail. “Lilly, I am sorry but you cannot stay here,” said Liam. Without a moment of hesitation, he picked her up and rushed home.

“Now Lilly, why don’t you go home and play with Granny? Let Uncle Edward and I deal with the statue,” Liam continued, “Remember, if anyone asks, tell them it was Uncle Edward who destroyed the statue accidentally.”

“Why?” Lilly was perplexed. “It wasn’t Uncle Edward. Why do I have to lie?” Liam frowned and said, “Just listen to me for once, okay?” Lilly shrugged, “Fine.”

Liam brought Lilly home and left immediately after. While Bettany was away preparing food, Lilly asked Pablo, “Master, why do I have to lie about destroying the statue? Lying is bad.”

Without glancing up from the book he was reading, Pablo replied nonchalantly, “Have you heard of a white lie? Lying is not always bad. Your uncles are merely trying to protect you by asking you to lie. If people find out about your extraordinary strength, they’re going to cut you open.”

cut me open!” I am no food! Why would anyone want to cut me

“Don’t be silly! No one is cutting you open,” she said, handing an apple to Lilly,

puzzled. Pablo took out the jar of souls and

spirit had a severed hand because she had kept the full information of how she had died from him. Now it was

She answered sadly, “I could not rest in

you?” The spirit was dumbfounded. Pablo continued, “You knew, yet

the statue, but if the cops found the hand and the bag of money, they would trace the fingerprints to Winona

conversation. She tore a piece from her apple and gave it to Polly. Polly happily gobbled the piece of

the apple core to Polly and said playfully, “Eat this shit, Polly!” The parrot refused and repeated after her, “Eat

had changed a lot, and she seemed happy now. He

Winona was annoyed. Polly threw the apple core to her

bad luck,” Winona glared at her. This little shit had destroyed her relationship with Liam, and now everyone

then to protest, but now she felt she should say

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