Spoiled by Eight Uncles (Lily)

Chapter 10 Teach You a Lesson

Eight security guards rushed up and yanked the Hatchers away when they saw Anthony’s signal. They complained as they dragged the Hatchers out of the mansion.

“Mr. Anthony asked you to leave. Are you deaf?”

“Why are you causing trouble everywhere? What a bother!”

The commotion generated by Crawford’s entrance piqued the interest of the nearby houses. Some purported to have tea on their balcony, while others pretended to take their dog on a walk. They were all expecting the Hatchers to make a fool of themselves.

Richard and Paula were red-faced with embarrassment and rage. This is my house. How dare the Crawfords chase us out? They are so unreasonable!

The Hatchers were accustomed to living the good life and could not stand such disrespect. However, they had to tolerate the mistreatment as they were dealing with the reputable Crawford family. They had to stand at their gate and wait for the Crawfords to leave their house.

Meanwhile, Lilly continued to humor the parrot now that the Hatchers were no longer present to distract her. “Come on, Polly! Look at this!” She lifted her palm and revealed half a piece of apple. She hid the apple that Gilbert had peeled before leaving the hospital this morning.

Polly started swirling on the branch as though it was assessing the Crawfords, who stood at a distance. Hugh gripped his walking cane solemnly, albeit there was a glint of apprehension in his eyes. Gilbert was also concerned about the situation. He hoped he had wings so he could grab the parrot. He felt sorry for Lilly for raising her arms until they hurt.

“Here’s some delicious grains. Do you want it?” Gilbert managed to find some parrot feed and held it in his palm.

Lilly nodded fervently and said, “Uncle Gilbert is a good man. Come down so that we can leave, Polly.”

The Crawfords watched Gilbert and Lilly’s close interaction with sullen envy. They had no idea when the pair became so well-acquainted.

Suddenly, Polly flew away from the tree and landed on Gilbert’s head. The Crawfords looked at Lilly in disbelief when she giggled at the amusing sight. Since they met her, she had spoken with no intonation and behaved like an emotionless robot. She remained a straight face and was cautious of her actions during the ten-day stay in the hospital.

Hugh’s eyes glistened with tears; he believed that old age had made him more emotional, and he frequently found himself sobbing uncontrollably.

Bastard!” Polly croaked as he flapped his wings delightfully. It appeared arrogant to have succeeded in

then corrected Polly with

“Gilby! Gilby!” Polly squawked.

not upset when he saw how happy Lilly was. He opened his palm to

“Save me! Save me! Don’t eat me! Don’t

antics. At long last, they

worry, it’s just a chain. You look great in it,

the mansion. This was where my precious daughter lived before she died. I wonder if they fed her well. Did she sleep well? Did anyone care for her when she was ill?

brothers felt

them exiting the mansion. They

added, “Does Lilly like parrots? I promise to buy you many more parrots in the

her head to avoid looking at her father’s pretentious smiling face. She hugged her rabbit and parrot tightly as she thought, I don’t want many parrots. All I longed for was a hug from Daddy ever since Mommy died. But instead of showing me concern, all he had done was hit and scold me. I thought Daddy was going to beat me to death the other day. I always believed Grandma’s remarks that I was an unlucky girl loved by no one. However, during my stay at the hospital, my grandpa and uncles were extremely good to me. They chatted with me and said it wasn’t my fault. I…

was wrong to harbor such ill thoughts. However, she mustered her courage and said, “No! I don’t want you to

outburst. Richard and Paula were also astonished at Lilly’s decision to turn her back on them; they thought she had

would only cave into

your father may be a little strict

child! Shall we have lunch, our dear in-laws? We can

for us to meet. Jean hardly talks

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narrate his fond memories of Jean and how he had been

yelled, “Are you done with this nonsense? You are

struck against the metal

wait in the car.” Gilbert carried

actions. If they did not have to concentrate on Lilly and her parrot, they

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