“Please allow me to help with the pie, Mrs. Crawford,” Margaret looked concerned. Bettany shook her head, “It is the least I could do for Lilly.”

Bettany had always wanted to make Jean’s favorite food after she got better, but Jean never did. Now with Jean’s daughter here, Bettany felt she needed to do her best to take care of Lilly.

Margaret sighed. Bettany was about to bring out the pie when Lilly rushed into the kitchen. “Granny!” Lilly ran toward Bettany.

“What’s the matter?” Bettany asked. Before Lilly could reply, Winona’s voice rang through the kitchen, “Lilly! Where do you think you are going?”

Bettany frowned. Winona stepped into the kitchen and was surprised to find Bettany there. She looked at Bettany, wide-eyed. “Bettany! You are here.”

“Where would I be?” Bettany scowled at her, “What are you trying to do behind my back?”

“I am not doing anything behind your back,” Winona panicked, “I was simply asking Lilly to pick up the apple core she threw on the floor, but she used foul language at me.”

“I did not think it was appropriate, so I wanted to explain why to her. That was when she ran away to the kitchen,” Winona continued.

“Bullshit!” Bettany threw her oven mitts at Winona, fuming, “Get lost! I don’t want to see you here.” She did not believe a word Winona said, and she had no doubt if she hadn’t been here, Winona would have had the nerve to hit Lilly.

Winona follow her to the kitchen. What a scheming little bitch!

Aunt Winona said I brought bad luck to her, but it was her slanted shadow that brought her bad luck. I told her the fact, and she wanted to punish me

Winona’s stuff and throw them out! She

wants! She will never learn and she will always be a spoiled brat.” She stomped out of the

door behind her. Nobody can make me leave! It was clear as day the little shit deliberately said those things to turn Bettany against Winona, but everyone just let Lilly do

the same time, Bettany was infuriated. “What a bitch! She wouldn’t allow us to lecture her kids, and yet she had the nerve to lecture

same room. Lilly gently

for upsetting her Granny. She promised Mommy she would make Granny

with Winona after this. She brought Lilly pie

Margaret answered, “She has gone out to fetch her children, Mrs. Crawford.” Winona had sneaked out when

gathered all her stuff?” Bettany asked. Margaret

throw all Winona’s stuff out, Hannah was heard crying at the entrance of the

greeted Bettany hastily and got into his room. Margaret quickly wheeled Bettany to the entrance to see what was

to comfort Hannah at the entrance. On their way back, out of fear of being chased out of the Crawford family, Winona asked Hannah to give Bettany a massage and to

It was the best way to distract Bettany. Winona pretended to comfort Hannah, “It’s

irritated. It was not the first time Hannah tried to get what she wanted by crying and throwing tantrums. This

ordered Margaret to bring a bucket, “Do not stop crying until your tears

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