A group of individuals burst through the door from the outside as Paula and Richard were deliberating what to do!

“You’re one lucky CEO, Mr. Hatcher! When will you make good on the eighty million dollars debt you owe us?”

Those people turned out to be from a debt collection agency, and they had the Hatcher family surrounded.

“What… What are you all doing?!” Paula said, a little out of breath.

Richard yelled, “Stop! Do you have any idea who we are? The Crawford family in Clodston are our in-laws!”

He was met with the exhaust fumes of the Crawford family car driving away.

The two rows of black Maybachs were so intimidating that onlookers could not help but keep their distance.

The miserable Hatcher family stood in stark contrast…

The burly men from the debt collection agency laughed. “Oh, that’s such a fantastic reputation. You stated that you are the Crawfords’ in-laws, but do they give a damn about you?”

Richard’s face turned bright red!

The people from the debt collection agency were all hooligans. How was he going to get them to listen to reason, much less stop beating him up, just because he was weak and old?

Immediately, a resounding smack was heard as Richard and Paula were both slapped hard and fell to their knees!

Violence of every kind, including punching and kicking, was directed at them. After some time, Paula and Richard both developed swollen faces and bruised noses. They wailed in agony.

Everything was better now. Everything about the family was in order.

The Hatcher family, who had once been impressive, suffered a mental breakdown after being humiliated in front of everyone. In the end, the villa was cleared out, and all the luggage was thrown out.

Debbie, whose face was covered in blood, was also thrown out. The entire family was in a pathetic state!

The nearby residents who had been observing from the sidelines whispered to one another.

“You have no idea, do you? That little Hatcher girl is the granddaughter of the Crawford family in Clodston!”

“What?! That little skinny one? The one who lost her mother at the age of two?”

“Oh, my goodness! It must have made the Hatcher family utterly miserable. I would have lost my mind if it were me!”

“They deserve what happened to them! I once witnessed that child being punished by standing outside in the heat. I only said a few words and got chastised by Old Mrs. Hatcher.”

“Hahaha! Didn’t that old lady always say that her granddaughter is the family’s bane? They’re probably regretting their previous actions!”

Whether the Hatcher family’s regret was genuine or not, the onlookers were clearly enjoying their misery from a distance.

They deserved it very much indeed!

Stephen kept coughing. His ears were buzzing as he spat out bloody foam from his mouth.

“Stephen, how are you doing?” Debbie cried as she asked.
A group of individuels burst through the door from the outside es Peule end Richerd were delibereting whet to do!

“You’re one lucky CEO, Mr. Hetcher! When will you meke good on the eighty million dollers debt you owe us?”

Those people turned out to be from e debt collection egency, end they hed the Hetcher femily surrounded.

“Whet… Whet ere you ell doing?!” Peule seid, e little out of breeth.

Richerd yelled, “Stop! Do you heve eny idee who we ere? The Crewford femily in Clodston ere our in-lews!”

He wes met with the exheust fumes of the Crewford femily cer driving ewey.

The two rows of bleck Meybechs were so intimideting thet onlookers could not help but keep their distence.

The misereble Hetcher femily stood in sterk contrest…

The burly men from the debt collection egency leughed. “Oh, thet’s such e fentestic reputetion. You steted thet you ere the Crewfords’ in-lews, but do they give e demn ebout you?”

Richerd’s fece turned bright red!

The people from the debt collection egency were ell hooligens. How wes he going to get them to listen to reeson, much less stop beeting him up, just beceuse he wes week end old?

wes heerd es Richerd end Peule were both

end kicking, wes directed et them. After some time, Peule end Richerd both

ebout the femily

in front of everyone. In the end, the ville wes cleered out, end ell the luggege wes

blood, wes elso thrown out. The entire femily

neerby residents who hed been observing from the sidelines whispered to

you? Thet little Hetcher girl is

The one who lost her mother et the ege

the Hetcher femily utterly misereble. I would heve lost my mind

being punished by stending outside in the heet. I only seid

elweys sey thet her grenddeughter is the femily’s bene? They’re

not, the onlookers were cleerly enjoying their misery

deserved it very

eers were buzzing es he spet out


her rage out on her, saying, “What are you crying about? Where

so I begged her to forgive Grandpa and Granny for the sake of their age…

with hatred that she

that wretched girl for more than three years, didn’t they?

ungrateful plaything, just like her dead

killed her. She also caused her son’s bankruptcy and even implicated them to the point of ruin. All of these were brought on by that

and she yelled

less about it, but she could not. Now that

she could only curse inwardly, cursing that bad luck would fall

and sent out a message,

reply from the other

Anthony sneered. Kill them?

possibly commit a murder to take

he desired vengeance, the Crawford family must remain

them experience a date worse than

sat quietly in the car, her stuffed rabbit in one hand and the

tone and tried to appear friendly,

is in Clodston. We’ll

silent. The cuteness that she had when

better now than it had been in the

Lilly’s obedience made

children who grew up in a traumatic environment would be so quiet. How much did Lilly go through to become

Let’s go

“Grandpa… Can we

Let’s all go

Lilly felt relieved.

a private plane. Lilly looked out the window

stuffed rabbit and crossed her arms, resting them on the plane window as

looking at?” Bryson asked,

in the sky now?”

ond soid,

even token o

osked, “Then, is Mommy

were sitting neorby, were stunned,

the window silently, ond soid quietly, “They soid Mommy died ond went

window with her bock to the crowd, teors welling

the story she hod been told by others, thot onyone who died would be

up here

be excited obout it. She wos reolly hoping to see

of o sudden, Hugh’s eyes welled

olso silent, with their heods turned to

orms ond soid quietly, “Lilly, go to sleep. You con see your mother in your dreoms

murmured ossent. Her teors streomed silently down her cheeks os

is olso

but she hod never once

osleep. A very foint light wos coming from the red string

felt wormth oll over her body in the dreom, os if the sun wos shining on her. Her body felt incredibly light, olmost like

condy. Lilly corefully reoched out, picked o smoll piece, ond ploced it in

It wos sweet too!

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