Stephen was furious because he just realized Debbie had been using him all along.

He asked Debbie angrily, “Debbie, you wanted to leave me since the beginning, right? You wouldn’t be able to leave me if the child was born, so you used Lilly to fake your miscarriage! Am I right?”

Debbie still wouldn’t admit it. She shook her head and kept crying.

Stephen was annoyed, but he figured this would be a great opportunity for him.

“You are so evil! I misunderstood Lilly because you have been lying to me… Lilly! It was all Daddy’s fault! I was lied to by the person I trusted the most!”

Anthony snapped his fingers. Then, Jack showed a few documents on the screen.

The first document was Jean’s death certificate and Stephen’s marriage certificate.

Jean died in March, and Stephen married Debbie at the end of that month.

The second document was Lilly’s medical record when she was beaten up. The report stated the following “Respiratory arrest, Shock, Fractures in the third, fourth, sixth and seventh rib, Fractured humerus, Fractured right arm, Irreversible frostbite on the outer bend of the left leg tissue…”

Then, it was followed by a picture taken by a neighbour of the Hatcher family. Lilly, who was wearing her pajamas, was buried in the snow…

Everyone was shocked.

The medical report showed how badly Lilly was beaten up by Stephen.

Everyone stared at Stephen angrily. How could he say he acted on impulse and hurt her because he was too angry? Lilly even had to be rescued in the emergency room.

Bettany almost fainted after she saw the report.

“He was literally trying to kill her!”

“He forced her child to kneel in the snow and got frostbitten. I even pitied him for a moment. Bah!”

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