Hugh and the Crawford brothers were standing around Lilly’s bed.

They could not help but feel sorrow when they saw the little girl crying for her mother in her sleep.

They couldn’t see that, in addition to Lilly, another “person” was present—Pablo.

Pablo touched Lilly’s forehead and the red string around her wrist.

In a split second, Lilly’s face broke into a small smile.

“Hey, I’ve paid off my debt to your mother now…”

The plane touched down at Clodston International Airport.

Hugh gave Gilbert a meaningful glance when he noticed Lilly was still asleep, and Gilbert picked her up and stood to leave.

He kept his bent posture because he was afraid of waking Lilly up.

The parrot swayed and cried out, “Kidnapper! Kidnapper

Lilly’s eyes opened at once.

The Crawfords were rendered speechless.

They stood silently, staring at the beautiful parrot with brilliant green feathers.

Finally, they realized why it was capable of learning the phrase ‘bird stew.’

Lilly opened her glazed eyes, her hair was still a little unkempt, and she held a small stuffed rabbit in her arms. She was looking rather cute.

The best relationship was that between Gilbert and Jean. Seeing Lilly in this state reminded him of Jean as a child.

His heartstrings were pulled. He hugged Lilly and rubbed her head, saying, “Darling, we’ve arrived in Clodston. We’re now heading home.”

Lilly, who was still dazed, nodded blankly.

The Crawfords’ car was already waiting outside the airport, and the four Rolls-Royce Extended were neatly parked by the side of the road, drawing the attention of passers-by.

“Oh, my God! Take a picture now, hurry!”

“Who is this car supposed to be picking up? What a pompous display!”

Eight imposingly tall men, the leader of whom was an elderly man, came out as everyone was talking.

One of the men was holding a small child in his arms. The young child was holding a small stuffed rabbit in her arms while wearing a white princess dress.

A green parrot was perched on the shoulder of the man next to her.

The parrot was singing wildly at the time, “Uh-oh. I couldn’t help myself; I’m almost at your house again, again!”

Everyone became speechless.

That was… The disposition was a little off-kilter!

The eight men’s faces darkened as they hurriedly climbed into that long, luxury car that was slowly pulling away from the airport with that adorable little girl.

“Whoa! Who is this precious princess?”

“I’m so envious! I, too, am a human like her. How did she get so lucky to be reincarnated into a wealthy family?”

While taking pictures with her phone, a woman who was most likely an Internet celebrity exclaimed, “Stans! Let us just say we learned a lot today! Four Rolls-Royces Extended! Do you have any idea how much one of these cars costs? It is at least eight million dollars! What kind of family is this…”

Lilly leaned against the window of a luxury car, her gaze drawn to the skyscrapers outside.

Her father had brought her there before when it was known as South Town. There were many tall buildings, but none as tall as the skyscrapers in front of her.

“Uncle Gilbert, is this Mommy’s princess castle?” Lilly asked, turning her head and leaning in closer to Gilbert.

Gilbert got all choked up as he nodded and said, “Yes, this is your Mommy’s princess castle.”

They used to want to buy an island and build a private castle for their dear sister.

However, these opportunities were lost.


Gilbert gave Lilly a long, thoughtful look as the pain in his heart began to subside.

The car soon arrived at Crawford Mansion.

This mansion was situated in a picturesque lake area in the city center, surrounded by beautiful scenery and in a quiet neighborhood.
Hugh end the Crewford brothers were stending eround Lilly’s bed.

They could not help but feel sorrow when they sew the little girl crying for her mother in her sleep.

They couldn’t see thet, in eddition to Lilly, enother “person” wes present—Peblo.

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