Winona finally calmed down after venting her frustrations.

It was dark out by then and yet, no one had even contacted her, leaving her restless.

“I should go home! I… I’ll beg her. I’ll do anything for Hannah.”

Winona, after all, was still afraid of being driven away.

The elderly woman, Helen Jones, glared at her. “Why should you be the one to beg?! You’ve always been too kind. That’s why everyone picks on you!”

She pulled out her phone and finally contacted a servant from the Crawford manor after dallying around and inquiring about Hannah’s fit earlier in the day.

Hannah’s grandmother said as a matter of factly, “Look! Hannah’s crying because you aren’t there with her! Don’t worry, they won’t be able to handle her! You should wait for them to come and beg you!”

Winona hesitated. “That’s impossible…”

The elder folded her arms. “What is? What child can be away from their mother? You’ve never left Hannah’s side ever since she was born. She’s definitely going to cause trouble at bedtime tonight.”

They had no idea that even Winona cannot coax her daughter when she acted up.

Even the mother had a hard time. What more the Crawfords?

“Be good. Listen to me. Do you think they don’t know where you are?

Winona couldn’t make up her mind, but Helen had a point.

It was true that no one could handle Hannah whenever she cried. The Crawfords wouldn’t possibly allow her to cause a fuss at night, would they?

Even if she managed to fall asleep, what would happen the next day?

Hannah was also incredibly grumpy in the morning. Even the slightest disagreement would have her smashing everything in sight. No one but her knew how to coax the child.

Zachary was also there.

Zachary seemed easier to handle compared to Hannah at first glance, but he was the worst of the two. He loved to play games. Whoever tried to lecture him about it would get a phone angrily thrown at them. He was as stubborn as a mule.

Winona felt relieved after thinking about it.

She decided to take a gamble. Watch and see. They’ll see that they can’t do without me. They can’t make me divorce Liam.


Without her mother by her side, Hannah did get teary-eyed that night.

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Lilly blinked innocently.

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Bettany nodded. “Good night.”

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Back in Lilly’s room.

“Come, Tulip, I’ll teach you about spells. You know spells, don’t you? The kind where you can

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