Spoiled by Mr Russell (Lily Christian and Alexander)

Spoiled by Mr Russell (Lily Christian and Alexander)

Authors:Luminous Night
Num Chapters:2178
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Chapter 2179

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Information of Spoiled by Mr. Russell novel:

By: Luminous Night

CP:  Lily Christian and Alexander Russell

Lily Christian wakes up with a headache and a dry mouth in the middle of the night. She was so happy that she finally created the First Love formula, the perfume she had been researching for many years. After winning the upcoming competition, the wedding of Lily and Nathaniel Hall will be on the agenda.

The couple met in college, have known each other for 5 years and dated for 3 years. Lily left everything behind to focus on the perfume formula and eventually helped Nathaniel expand her company.

Thinking about the beautiful future ahead, she fell into alcohol even more. She rubbed her temples, wanting some water to quench her thirst. However, she heard strange noises coming from the room next door.

Readers Ratings of Spoiled by Mr. Russell novels:

Loving this book's fantastic storyline but now waiting on more chapters stuck on chapter 184 waiting for more. Please don’t take to long in updating the chapters


Spoiled by Mr. Russell novel is one of the most interesting books I've read in a while. I'm loving Alex already.


I’m liking the story. Can’t wait for an update. When will you update? Lily and Alexander are wonderful together. Please update


Been a long while since the last update. Is Spoiled by Mr. Russell novel going to be continued?


Well, I enjoyed the beginning but after reading the reviews looks like that is all there will be. Disappointed with it new app and story so far.


yes when the update came I thought it was finished until when we're waiting for it.. every whatever date you relist the novel I can't wait lily and alexander novel

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