Spoiled By The CEO: Why The Wife Is Kinda Sweet?

Chapter 520 Getting Drunk at the Bar

Laura wasn't crying now. She had calmed down.

What Max did just now really scared her.

Just thinking about him made her sad.

Isaac looked at her and knew what she was thinking.

He sighed silently and changed the subject.

"Don't worry. It's okay. Why didn't you tell me about the accident? Luckily, I learned that you were in the hospital, or you would have been in trouble."

Isaac felt sad for Laura, but he wanted to complain and make Laura feel better.

Laura held the glass with her head down and didn't say anything.

Isaac knew she might need some time to herself. He said nothing more and went out to the doctor.

At this moment.

Max left the hospital and recalled the image of Laura in Isaac's arms.

He drove down the wide road.

He clutched the steering wheel and his veins stood out on the backs of his hands.

He was resentful and angry.

She obviously loved him. Why did she push him away again and again?

And they had sex before. Why did she still reject him?

Max felt that he didn't understand Laura anymore.

He got even angrier.

Max had no idea how long he had been driving. He looked around carefully and saw a bar.

He used to visit this bar when he was in a bad mood.

his head. He had inadvertently come here


really had forgotten how long it had been since

decided to go in for

What brought

was also from a rich family. He was a handsome playboy and people

friends with Max, but then because he had been busy doing

rich people. Max knew that other people approached him because he was the second son of the Nixon

different. He really didn't care

addition to the four families,

Gary saw Max in front of

"Why are you here?"

at Gary

the Prince of Bars. How could I not come to

raised an eyebrow at

took their

is it? Got dumped by a

bar at this time when he was in a bad

as Max's good friend, Gary knew what had

Long Island Iced Tea in front of him

but it was really strong. It was as surprising as

you're handsome and rich. You’re a great

his hand on Max's

"You don't get it."


you always upset about love? There are countless beautiful

he would easily give up a girl that he could not get. He really didn't understand why Max was so

"She's different."

Max's heart, Laura was different from other

You have a

Max had for Laura, but he

"Just drink."

didn't want to talk

had come to drink to forget about Laura

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