Spoiled By The CEO: Why The Wife Is Kinda Sweet?

Chapter 521 Get Himself into Trouble

It was true that Lily and Max had a "relationship" before, but they had cut all ties when their "relationship" ended.

Max had never slept with her, nor had he recognized her as his girlfriend. Last time, he even exposed the real purpose of her approaching him in public.

Lily could be cheeky sometimes, but she still had some self-respect left.

Therefore, Lily might be acting as if nothing had happened between them before, but she wouldn't go so far as to throw herself at Max’s feet now.

Max's behavior today was quite strange. Usually, he was above talking to women, let alone Lily.

However, he actually allowed Lily to join them at their table and drink with them at this moment.

Apparently, something was bothering him.

"Max, I’m wondering what makes you so upset today. Care to tell me about it?"

Since Max didn't refuse her, Lily pretended to be curious and ventured to ask hopefully.

Max shot her a glance with a faint smile.

He couldn’t be clearer about what Lily was thinking about.

At ordinary times, he would refuse her without hesitation.

But somehow, he didn’t want to today.

"A woman."

Max said flatly after some consideration.

After that, Lily made some wild guesses about what could have happened to Max.

Over a few rounds, Lily, emboldened by the wine, sat down next to Max with a wine glass.

"Well well, I wonder what kind of woman isn’t attracted to you, Max?"

Lily acted as if she couldn’t figure it out.

Drinking on his own, Max watched the woman sitting down next to him with a slight frown.

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I wouldn’t have done that to you. You’re a handsome and faithful guy. You’re a golden bachelor

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"Shame on you!"

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