Ally was woken up by the heat.

She opened her eyes. Her body ached all over, and it hurt as she moved. There was an orange crystal chandelier hanging above her head glittering brightly and stinging her eyes.

Where was she?

Ally tried to figure it out in confusion, looking around slowly.

The room was extravagantly furnished. The classical and vintage style decorations added an opulent touch to the house. On the wall were hanging Picasso’s oil paintings. Strong colors and sharp lines made her feel as if she was in a ridiculous dream.

She must be dreaming!

Ally closed her eyes again, with her mind in a fog. She thought to herself, "Keep dreaming. I hope I’ll never wake up."

She didn’t want to wake up to face the brutal reality.

After a long time, she heard some light footsteps coming up behind her, her whole body tautening uncontrollably.

Ally could tell someone pulled back the covers and lay down on the bed as it sank slightly. Soon, she was surrounded by his musky male scent. He draped his arm around her naked body and wandered upward slowly.


Ally screamed and opened her eyes abruptly.

The hand under the covers froze.

With that, the man asked in a low and mellow voice, "You’re awake?"

Ally looked back, astonished.

What a handsome man!

His dashing eyebrows, his straight nose, his defined jawline, his thin lips compressing into a line… He was leaning against the pillow lazily, but he couldn’t look sexier!

Ally’s gaze wandered downward over his muscular chest…


Ally screamed again and covered her head with the covers.

"Who… Who are you? Why don't you have any pants on?"

Kevin raised his eyebrows.

You’ve used it last night. Why are you so afraid to look at


at him with

"You… You mean we’ve…"

Kevin nodded.


The reason she hadn’t found it out earlier on was that she was wrapped up in the

something about yesterday. She fell out with Lindsey, who gave her a slap across the face. She seemed to have been drunk at that time, and then she was taken

so stupid! You’ve actually made the same

ago, she was wasted in a bar and made the same

later, she made that mistake

"Ally, you’re beyond stupid!"

Ally freaking out under the covers with

the covers and

"Wife? Who’s your wife?"

cheeks burning red

wicked glint in his eye and scoffed, "You slept with

If you didn’t want it, I

nonstop last night, but now she just wants to walk away. You

the nightstand, unlocked the screen, and

to it

Ally played the recording,

good. Call


"Say, 'Hubby, don’t stop.'"

"Hubby, don’t stop."

"Then kiss your hubby."


you believe

Ally, who was still in a trance, into his arms, lowered his head, and

to push him away but

of her, she was panting too hard

finger on her slightly swollen lips, saying, "Remember. As my wife, no one but I can touch your body, even a hair of yours. If I see something happens to you like

"Hold on!"

at last and gasped, "Since we’ve slept together, you should know

"I don’t mind."

in in case

what matters is whether they match well mentally. Besides, it was not my first time

lost his virginity two years

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