Spoiled By The CEO: Why The Wife Is Kinda Sweet?

Chapter 526 The Bullheaded Kevin

Even though her family was quite well off in the country, Ally had never dined in such an expensive restaurant.

She flipped through the menu over and over again, but didn’t order anything.

Because she couldn’t afford to.

Kevin didn’t want to make things difficult for her. He fluently told the waiter all the dishes he wanted, then added, “Could I have my Lover's Lost that I stored here. I wanna crack it open and celebrate with my wife.”

“Yes, sir!”

After the waiter left, Ally spoke in a twitchy voice, “Mr. Nixon…”

Kevin’s face darkened. He corrected, “Call me honey!”


Ally thought, “Fine. I have something to tell you.” She then said, “Well, just so we’re clear, I don’t think we should get married just because we slept together. You’re a man. You didn’t suffer any losses. I don’t need you to be responsible for me either. If you feel you’ve been wronged, what can I do to help?”

Kevin put on a skin-deep smile and said, “No.”

Ally felt speechless.

She thought, “Is this man bullheaded or what?”

Not knowing what to say at the moment, she pursed her lips and breathed heavily, sulking.

For some reason, this evening, they were the only diners in the French Feast. Ally wondered if it was because Kevin booked the whole restaurant or it was because the business here was down due to its high price.

Moments later, the waiter came back with the wine. While the wine was decanted, Ally and Kevin just sat across from each other in silence.

After the wine was ready, the waiter poured a glass for each of them and then backed away. Kevin held up his glass and asked, “Do you really want to know why I married you?”

Ally nodded forcefully.

She was dying to know the reason. After all, the man sitting in front of her was too fabulous in every aspect. How could he marry a girl just to be responsible for the one-time sex they had? That was far-fetched.

Ally didn’t believe someone would love or hate another person for no reason.

smile playing around his lips. Holding the wine glass,

bemused. Still, she got up and walked

near, Kevin grabbed her by the wrist. Being caught off

“What’re you doing?”

hands against his

“Don’t move.”

his arms around Ally’s and pinned her in his lap. He then whispered,

Ally froze.

something prop up

Kevin’s deep, melodious voice sounded in her ear, as though a stress note

you felt it? This is why I married

exclaimed in her

Ashamed and irritated, she pushed Kevin away and jumped to her

“Y-You’re a lech!”

a faint smile and looked at her flushed face with satisfaction. His eyes showed he was enjoying this very much.


in exasperation. She

this time, which lifted a bit of

Looking at the delicate food on the table, she felt she had no appetite at all. But Kevin started to eat with immense grace.


man like Kevin being her husband. With

than feeding myself. I gotta eat something,” she thought to

this morning. The chef here was a seven-star French chef. The dishes he cooked were absolutely the most authentic French cuisine. Everything was delicious. Plus, normally, Ally had no

quenching her anger with food, Kevin showed

down her knife and fork, Kevin was

amorously yellow. Now Ally was full, her mood picked up as well. She watched Kevin eat elegantly. In the dim yellow light, Kevin’s

taken aback. She wondered, “His eyes are blue. Is he of mixed

purse. Ally came to her sense and fished it out. It was her

walked to the

“Hello, dad.”

voice, because she didn’t want Kevin to

why did you turn off your phone? I’ve been

Fowler’s voice sounded irked. Ally was

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