At this time, Kevin had finished eating and was elegantly savoring a glass of wine.

“Your father called?”

He already guessed the caller from Ally’s expression.

Ally was surprised. Still, she nodded sheepishly.

“What did he say?”

Ally felt like going crazy. With a wry face, she said, “He told me to take you home for dinner sometime.”

In the Fowlers’ house.

Just as Zack hung up, Lindsey scurried over and asked eagerly, “What’s up? What did she say?”

Zack looked at his daughter’s mother-in-law and nodded. “They’re together.”

Lindsey was stupefied.

Angie screamed in rage. “No way! How can they be seeing each other! How could she hook up with the boss of the Nixon Group?”

Her remark made Zack’s face fall. With a note of exasperation in his voice, he bellowed, “Angie, you shouldn’t talk about Ally like that. She’s your sister after all!”

Angie’s face turned pale with fury.

Mary was Angie’s mother. Seeing her daughter be scolded, she felt sorry. Thus, she quickly came to mediate. “Enough. Angie is still young. She doesn’t understand this. Why argue with her?”

Then, she switched to another tactic. “But Angie was just being honest. Look, Ally got involved in that kind of disgrace two years ago. How could the noble Nixon family accept her as their daughter-in-law? Alas. Don’t you think so, Zack?”

She looked at Zack with a torn expression on her face. Although she didn’t say it explicitly, everyone in the room knew what she meant.

Ally was definitely subpar to be Mrs. Nixon given her status, so she might be

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put the speaker on, everyone heard this prompt tone at once. They all showed a look of disdain and suspicion on their

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Mrs. Nixon, let me present you a piece called How Do I Live to celebrate your marriage!

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