Ally gave a curt reply and was about to type Kevin’s name. However, Kevin grabbed the phone immediately.

When she got her phone back, she found that he was called ‘Hubby’ on her phone now.

It amused Ally. However, when she saw Kevin’s satisfied smirk, she didn’t say anything.

After dinner, the party began at 8.

Celebrity Height was second to none among the villas in Lormere. The hotels here were all fancy. As soon as she entered the hall, she was surprised by the bright lights and the sumptuous decoration inside.

It was bustling with people coming and going.

The host was Sid Hilton, who came from a royal family. When he saw Kevin was coming, he welcomed him warmly at once. “Good evening and welcome. Please come in!”

The corners of Kevin's lips curled into a rare smile. “Is grandma here?”

“Yes, she knew you would come, so she asked Moira to bring her here.

“Well, tell her that I'm coming to see her.”

“Of course!”

Then he welcomed Kevin in.

Ally was held tightly, and she was a little nervous. Especially when Sid Hilton passed by, she could feel his strange eyes toward her.

“Relax. As my wife, you’re going to face this a lot.”

Kevin whispered in her ears. Ally looked at him and nodded.

How could she not be nervous? Even if she was inexperienced, she could see that these people here were not ordinary. There were even people she had seen on TV news before. They were national leaders, and they could not be invited only with money.

Ally could not help looking at Kevin again at the thought of it. She became more and more curious about who he was.

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