Spoiled By The CEO: Why The Wife Is Kinda Sweet?

Chapter 542 Another Misunderstanding

He wondered if Laura had gone home yet.

At the hospital, he heard the doctor say that if there were no other problems, she could be discharged today.

In fact, he asked the doctor before he left and was told that Laura's injury was not serious, so he left without hesitation,

He wouldn’t leave Laura alone in the hospital.

Max felt he needed to ask Laura face to face.

He guessed Isaac had gone home long ago. It was a little suspicious if he was still at Laura's house at this hour.

So Max planned to go to Laura's house.

Because he wanted to ask Laura why she loved him but rejected him and why she stayed with a man she didn't love.

And he wondered what Laura would do at night.

Did Isaac go home with her or not?

What was the relationship between the two of them?

He couldn't wait any longer.

Max got up quickly, regardless of the fact that it was now very late.

He had sobered up.

He wanted to go there alone and didn't want his driver or butler to follow him, so he just got dressed quietly, went to the garage alone, and drove to Laura's house.

Actually, Max had never been to Laura's house. He just knew the address.

Since he planned to go there today, it was good to familiarize himself with the route.

long to arrive at

or was anxious for her to answer his questions, he almost drove over

it was late at night, there were very few cars

at Laura's neighborhood

car, he grabbed a bouquet of

24-hour flower store on the

liked flowers. Since he was here to talk to her, he

walked towards Laura's house with a bouquet of roses in

a man at the door

very familiar with


why was

darkened when he watched Isaac come

to be here at such a late hour. What did they

stood quietly behind

stared in

much for driving me back

the door

We are good friends! You're not well and just got

to Laura with


before coming

Isaac was worried about her and insisted

and took Isaac straight

two of them had a long chat in her living room, so they didn't come out until now. Otherwise, Isaac might have been able to go

looked at Isaac and

she let Isaac stay

give you a hug before I

stared at

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