Spoiled my CEO husband after Rebirth

Chapter 59: You're the Brat!

After she warned Pauline, Gwenda finally gained some peace of mind, enabling her to work more attentively.

Having lost two artists in a row, with Lan Russell's scandal plastered all over the Internet, KG Entertainment was having trouble taking care of themselves. Their stocks fell rapidly and they were criticised by all sorts of fans online.

Gwenda had been on the way out of her classroom when she browsed through the news on KG Entertainment.

Just as she was about to continue reading, she received a call from August.

"Hello August!"

Gwenda called out in honeyed tones the moment she picked up the call.

August scoffed in disdain as he asked with raised eyebrows, "Where are you?"

"I'm in school. I've just finished classes. August, why did you call me?"

After she loaned money from him, they had not contacted each other.

Gwenda was very surprised that he would call her all of a sudden.

"Wait for me at the school gate. I'll swing by to pick you up for lunch."

August hung up the phone before Gwenda could say anything.

Gazing at the darkening screen, she frowned.


Why did he want to have lunch with her out of nowhere?

August's car stopped

down to reveal August's

in the car. "August, why

"It's not me."

August revved up the

puzzled. "If it's not you, then who could it

her and drove without

and changed the subject with a smile. "August, are you still going to keep

"What word?"

casually with raised

have forgotten." Gwenda was startled by his attitude. She quickly reminded him. "You promised me that if I proved myself to you, you would agree to transfer grandma's


August asked.

"Did I not?"

retorted with

proved yourself by aiding an

"An Internet celebrity?"

It's just that she's gotten famous on short video platforms first. She's currently participating in a music programme

how much is Cecilia's endorsement fee? How many high-end endorsements do



Well, if that's the case, what else could she be but an

August huffed sarcastically.

The fact that she has such results is more than good enough

But it's undeniable that Cecilia's current

is it not

buzzkill just because you don't want me to have grandma's

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