Spoiled my CEO husband after Rebirth

Chapter 63: Friend? Cousin?

August retorted as he glared at the hand that was holding on to Gwenda's arm.

The air was filled with an ominous aura that caused the room to feel cold.


Realising that something was amiss, Gwenda looked up at the two men and quickly stepped forward. "August, please don't get the wrong idea. He's my friend, Olivier Petit. Mr. Petit, this is my cousin, August Reed."



The two men looked at Gwenda in surprise.

Gwenda was under immense pressure. She laughed dryly and said, "Yeah."


August wanted to give her a lecture.

Gwenda cut him off though. "August, you're finished on your end?"

August grunted in confirmation and asked, "What were you two doing just now?"

"N-nothing! Since it's over, we can go now."

Gwenda went up to her cousin and grabbed his hand, dragging him away as she said, "Mr. Petit, we'll be leaving first."

"Gwenda, let go of me..."

August roared angrily, "Don't try to fool me!"

"Let's talk as we go..."

Gwenda forcibly pulled him away.

light, his dark eyes watching as


Olivier facepalmed in exasperation.

him lose all


the main entrance of the hotel. He finally shook off Gwenda's


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"That sort of distance.

A man like that.

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the pressure of August's stare. "Well, it's exactly what you're thinking of. But I'm not in a relationship with him. He's wooing

"Wooing you?"

looked at her incredulously. "Is

the heck is that supposed to

he blind if he


"Olivier Petit."

"Olivier Petit?"


was thinking. "Yup, that Olivier. The CEO of Petit


August was completely speechless.

expression on his face. She

you meet

August asked.

no, he saved mine too. Anyway, after that fire, he said he wanted to

August fell silent again.

"I was thinking about cooperating with him recently. Do you think he will agree to

your cousin for your own gain? Are you

that she

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