Spoiled my CEO husband after Rebirth

Chapter 64: Who Is Cecilia’s Boss?

Gwenda held up five fingers quickly and said, "50 percent!"

August glanced at her, a satisfied smile appearing on his face. "Deal!"

"Right, it's decided then. You can't go back on your word!"

August cocked an eyebrow, "A cheap deal like that, how could I possibly go back on my word?"

Hearing this, Gwenda instantly realised that she had been tricked.

But she could not do anything about it.

If she wanted to build up Cecilia's popularity and elevate her status through this, she would have to take that cut in profit, seeing as her cousin was being an unscrupulous businessman towards her at the moment.


Gwenda sighed.

Back at the hotel restaurant, Olivier had returned to his private room.

His aura had become much more temperate, which caused everyone to look at him in surprise.

Olivier explained politely, "I met an acquaintance and said hello."

Then, he returned to his seat with ease. The frigid aura around him dissipating completely.

The others traded looks with each other while Otto discreetly studied his boss' face.


Was he well acquainted with that person?

Why did his glacial outlook vanish after he returned?

"What's wrong?"

at him, Olivier asked with a

"Nothing! Nothing at all."

sorts of strange situations, so it was easy for them to brush it off and

the meal

and got

could no longer hold back his curiosity, asked, "Boss,

instead, "Do you know

Yeah, I

"And he's

raised his eyebrows.

"Everyone knows this, boss."

Olivier did not reply.

did you meet him

Otto asked curiously.

Olivier nodded. "Yeah."

meet each other, but they also ended up having a

not speak to you? I heard that his company has been trying to expand their business recently, and they want to collaborate with

him an

as he smiled. "He

business department. But I'm not sure about the

scope was not a part of that, so he only had a general idea of

interest and instructed. "Go back to the company and give me the project details from Reed Corporation. I'd like to have

"Yes, sir!"

Cecilia succeeded in getting the endorsement for


the office. They watched Benson with great trepidation and did

"Tell me, what happened?"

through gritted teeth as he did his best to rein in his

each other,

"Answer me!"

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