Scarletts P.O.V

Pulling out your phone, you send a quick text to Briana.

Scarlett: I'm ready when you are.

You glance at the door and move your hand to your throat where his mouth was.

I need a drink one as slot bigger than a swig of liquor.

Briana: yes! I'm ready 2 get my drink on!

Scarlett: same. I'll drive over in a minute.

Briana: sounds good.

Just when you send another text your mom calls you.

"Scarlett, get up here now! I have to talk to you."

Oh shit... she doesn't know does she?

You feel your pulse quicken as a wave of nervous heat washes over you. You rub your forehead, and rim your lips.

Stop overthinking it. She couldn't have heard me unless she was down here near his door. I didn't hear anything.

"What mom? I'm getting ready to go to Bri's."

"No! Not before i speak to you. Get up here and meet me in the kitchen."

God damn...

You let out a long, laboured breath, and walk out of your room towards the stairs.

Maybe this is it... she knows. We're caught. I mean, what else could she be so angry about?

When you reach the kitchen, you find her standing at the kitchen door with her brows furrowed and her shoulder high. She places a hand on her hip and cocks her head sideways with a knowing look. With a nod of her head, she gestures for me to take a seat on the stool at the island in the middle of the room.


Shit... just play it cool. Freaking out would probably only lead to confusion and more problems.

"What's up, mom?"

after you place your phone face down on the counter. She stares quietly for a few seconds, before she groans and places he hands on the counter an leans

you guess why

a handful of reasons for her to be upset with me. It's just a matter of what one

You shake your head.

mom, I

Oliver an yet you're sleeping over

included him in something,


you want me to say you cant go to Bri's...

"I don't"

hair, sighing as she turns to tend to the vegetables

hangout with us a little later but he

you've forgotten the power of persistence...

widen, as you blush when she calls

up here... please don't one up

him. You two are going to get along and enjoy each others company.

We are fucking far from family. I know my mom. She never stays with a man more than a

keep yourself

want to hurt

relax, you hold your head in your hands, and take a deep breath when you know he's entered. The air changes when he enters the room. Your body is

This is so embarrassing...

do anything at all? Like the movies,

right away, you lift your head and look at him. His eyes skirt to you, and they narrow playfully a little as a small smile forms on

asked me to

I know right where his mind

shoot him a 'What the fuck' look. He chuckles and rests his palms agains the island. You watch as

"See i told you"

crosses her arms

"Oh really?"

mother turns her

so what did she ask you to

asked me

know that's a fucking lie.

sweeps her hair

hike?...this must be

laughs, tossing is head

unbelievable I'd

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