Scarletts P.O.V

In the evening, you arrive at Bri's and both of you begin getting ready for Jenny's party.

You shuffle through your duffle bag and pull out your tight, ripped black jeans, your long black boots and your tight red crop top. Bri gasps and runs over to the clothes you've laid out on her bed.

"Damn girl, you're gonna look sexy tonight - Oliver wishes he could get with you"

Bri scoffs, crossing her arms over her chest and casting you a look. You firm your lips, closing your eyes briefly to hide the excitement fro your expression.

I'm supposed to be forgetting about that asshole... just leaving it alone for the night to enjoy myself. So why am I excited at the thought of dressing up for him? No, no, no, no.

You shakes your head, and divert your attention elsewhere.

"Please god, can we just not talk about him. He's a fucking pain in my ass"

Bri tosses her head backwards, cackling loudly, before moving towards her dresser to sit and begin doing her makeup.

"Mmm, a sexy pain in your ass"

You shoot her an agitated look, and sigh, reaching for your bag to pull out your makeup and earrings.

"You're just as relentless as him"

"What can I say, I love pissing you off"

That makes two of you. What is her fascination with him?

"God, I'm sure once summer is over, he'll be out of my sight and I'll be off to college, so I wont have to worry about any of this crap"

Bri angles her face mirror so she can see you, as she puts on foundation she quirks her brow accusingly at you.

"Why wont you admit that you like him?"

You drop your clothes back on her bed, and twist to face her fully.

"Because... he thinks he can get every girl he wants, and if I'm stupid enough to fall for that shit, then god, lock my ass up"

"Sex doesn't always have to be so formal, Scar. I mean, you can just enjoy yourself and not have obligations"

Oh, yeah. That's her fricken motto. I love her but she needs to be safer.

"Sure, Bri. When should I schedule him in to fuck? When my mom's in the shower? When his dad's cooking dinner in the kitchen? I mean, come on"

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the bed and head to

get some drinks into you and loosen you up

bathroom, you set your clothes

if I'm going to get interrogated by her all night. All I want is for her to let it

mirror, pushing back your autumn coloured locks to get a better look at your freckled skin. You run your hands over your face and being stripping your clothes off. Your still wet from your encounter with Oliver earlier. Your

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fluff it by running your fingers through it. When you go back into Briana's bedroom, she turns to you, one eye with makeup done. She holds

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the hell we were doing tonight...

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"You're fucking telling me"

don't have fun when you're with

long as I'm not babysitting your

phone vibrates ion your bag, and you move quickly to grab it, searching the screen and frowning when his

Oliver: see you tonight

wouldn't come. Would he? I shouldn't even reply. I

breath, you text a

Scarlett: no you won't.

Oliver: yes... I will


nagging ache in your head is a pulsating pain when your phone

got a formal invite from

didn't fucking tell my

surges inside of you, you curse out loud and Brian crosses the room to you, grabbing your wrist to angle your phone towards her. She furrows her brows, unable to figure out who's number it is since you

never fucking will save that to my phone because I doubt what's

on your face is followed by you frantically

what the hell do you mean she invited you? Did

Oliver: relax

golden coming from

"Is that Oliver?"

your gaze and

you surprised? I fucking hate that they gave him

dismissively, distractedly looking back

do me a favour

you find your way to me. For

it. For someone who can have 'any' girl he wants

Oliver: so?

lift your eyes you

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