Scarletts P.O.V

As soon as its late enough, you and Bri leave her house it's the excuse that you're both studying at your house, before you drive to Jenny's house. It's the first time you've been to he house, and when you roll down the street you widen your eyes when your destination is the vast house at the end of the street. You can tell by the mass cars parked all the way down the street that there's a good amount of people here.

"Shit. It looks like the whole fucking school is here."

"Knowing Jenny, probably"

She's always been one for attention.

You park your can on the street, ignoring the nagging thought in your mind about parking tickets and driving. Your eyes are trained on the people scurrying to her front door carrying big bottles of what appears to be liquor.

"Scar, hurry up, lets go!"

You pick up the pace, following after her as best you can in your heels. Your eyes scan the crowd when you go through th front door, and despite deciding to put thoughts of him on the back burner, you search for Oliver.

I know he wont show up. Its all talk. God, I'm not disappointed am I?

"Oh my god! Everyone's here! Kitchen, Scar! Let's get our drink on!"

Music pulsates from large speakers in the vast living room. Its so loud it spills into almost every room you pass through to get to the kitchen. You watch as your peers grind and dance on each other, the smell of sweat, liquor and sex wafts thick in the air.

"I want to dance but I have to get drunk enough!"

You laugh, and follow behind her as you both arrive at the kitchen. There's a ton of people, but Bri's large personality helps you shove through the mass of bodies towards the counter which is littered with plastic cups, and beer bottles.

Your eyes shift to the counter covered with wine bottles, spiked punch, beer and liquor.

Jenny has outdone herself. No surprise. I'm not comparing though.

"What do you want?"

"Wine for me"

"I gotchu!"

Briana manages to grab some wine and hands it to you.


Briana grins mischievously and manages to swipe a massive mug from the cupboards, ignoring the red solo cups, and fills it half way with spiked punch and then pours more vodka in with it. You cringe.

"If you're drinking all that, that's your only drink for the night. I don't want you to die!"

Bri rolls her eyes at you, waving you off before she takes a giant gulp of her punch.

"Okay, mom! You're overdramatic"

when you're throwing up I'll just say

fun unless you throw

This bitch...'

head. Your eyes scan the crowd once more and that's when you realise they guy from your chem class is staring at you.

people are giving you


pressed against

noticed, Jayden staring at

checks you,


about to

"I am"

by Jayden... I mean, if I was going to sleep

that thought.

admit to myself that

Bri grab you another one. When she hands you another

and talk

"No way!"

to him this entire school

he's clearly into

he is, I had

about to find out because he's coming over

"Oh, fuck!"

Jayden pushes his way past people and waves


her eyebrows suggestively, and you

"Please, Stop. Go"



the crippling anxiety swirling in your gut, you manage to

glad to

"You are?"

yeah. It beats being in class, listening

Do you know if he's assigned partners for the

frisking his lips

cute. Not in a blatant breathtaking way like Oliver. But in a boyish kind of way. He's not as tall as Oliver. Oh my god. I need to shut

of hoping we can

You nod slowly.

you have a partner

one I'm really close with

You shake your head.

"No one in particular"

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