Scarletts P.O.V

When you arrive home, as soon as Bri steps out the car she vomits. You reach for her hair, holding it out he face. Oliver curses, and slams his door shut, turning his gaze to you.

"Do you need anything?"

You shake your head, before it dawns on you that someone's going to be responsible for cleaning it up, and if you have to take care of Bri, it'd be helpful if Oliver did. You cringe at the chunks of vomit on the ground.

"Actually, its be amazing if you could clean that's up while I get her downstairs"

Oliver crinkles his nose, before sighing and nodding. He hands you his keys.

"Go get her in, I'm gonna hose it down"

You reach for his arm, giving him a small appreciative smile.

"Thanks Oliver"

"Yeah, don't worry about it"

When Bri stops dry-heaving, you throw he arm over your shoulder and begin walking her into the house. Upon entering, you frown when she groans, and rubs her forehead.

"My heads pounding"

"I know. How about you get in the shower. That always makes you feel better."

Bri looks up, before she curses and closes her eyes tightly.

a case

of laughter, and wraps her


such a good

"Thanks, you too"

another episode of throwing up, and lead her to the bathroom. You deposit her onto the toilet, and move towards the shower, turning the knob before holding your fingers under the jets to feel

a brow when

you can undress yourself. Besides, your dress unzips in the back, nothings going over

"Oh shit"

down at herself

"Can you unzip me?"


unzip her, and help her stand so she can shake her dress off. Left in a pair panties since she went braless, you

Shit, Oliver.

and exit the bathroom, praying she doesn't fall. You close the door behind you as you come

she going to be

hoe the tension between you

just have to get her

your thoughts , and you shudder while

me so

get back to

hands against his chest,

have too get in there

grab you and pull you into his arms ad kiss you passionately. Another part of you knows it's heading down a dangerous

"Goodnight, Oliver"

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