Scarletts P.O.V

You glance down at your clothes.

I should get into something more comfortable.

You groan, pinch the bridge of your nose before you strip down and climb into shorts and a white tee before you get to your door.

Am I going to regret this?

You nudge out the voice that replies 'yes' and open your door before sauntering over to Olivers bedroom. You reach for the door knob, not even bothering to knock as you enter. He looks up, and you immediately blush as you realise he was in the middle of changing



Yep, big mistake

From across the room, you cant help your gaze as it slides down his bare torso, marvelling his chiselled abs, following the defined v-muscle that disappears underneath his tight boxer briefs.

I should say something

Despite wanting to fill the deafening silence, you cant seam to conjure up anything smart or deterring. Instead, you step deeper into the room and closed the door behind you. His eyes move to the door before he averts them back to you.

He doesn't question why you're here. He knows exactly the reason, and despite your constant denial of how badly you want him to sink himself into you, you lick you lips slowly, and indulge him once more.

"So much for me not getting what I want, huh..."

He walks over to you. You gaze down at the thick bulge in his boxers, and swallow.

God, I forgot how big he is

He moves closer to you, and you step back until your back is pressed against his door. He places his hand against the door so his arm is stretched out beside your face, and lets out a deep breath, before you see that familiar smirk playing on his lips.

Clearly its not just what he wants

You take a deep breath, aware of how that just pushes your breasts against him. He takes a deep breath, biting his lip.

I want that mouth on me

"Hmmm... how many times do we find ourselves like this? I know you want me to kiss you, I can see it in your eyes, and feel it the way you press your body against mine."

Mhm, now shut up and do it. Do it before my common sense kicks in.

You snicker inwardly, and your eyes flutter closed just as he begins to slowly lean forward.


You moan his name just before his lips connect with yours and you're overcome with hunger so fierce you moan deeply and wrap your arms around his neck. He tastes like beer, as you mould your lips together with his, breathing him in, savouring the taste of his tongue as he caresses yours with his, and they dance synchronously together.

thrusts his hips forward, his hardened cock grinding against your hip as he moves his hand to clutch your chin in a

god... yes. I love the

his nam breathlessly for him to return, but instead hr pulls his neck back out of your grasp

Oliver... that feels

have to guess to know you're wet

he's not

down your body as he glides it down your side, squeezing

you want me to

"Oh yes, god, yes"

wet centre. Just when his fingers circle the edge of your shorts, you hear loud footsteps above you, followed by your mom calling your


hand halts, and you exchange confused

said they were gone for

don't know

yourself carefully

I cant even imagine what

breath, open your bedroom door to


mom, Bri's

as you ascend the basement stairs up into the foyer where your mom meets you

are you

you up and down and quirks

Oh shit...

good, so Bri suggested we

not buying it...

You look

you decide to try and flip the

you and Kirk

but Kirk left his wallet here, so

"Oh, that sucks"

slightly as she

"Have you been drinking?"

its like she's a drug sniffing

is to lie.

"No, no drinking"

I can smell it on your breath. Did you and Bri

"No, we didn't"

here? Am I going to have to start

you, and crosses her arms over her

I don't know what to do with

You shrug.


does it matter, I'm about to graduate

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