Scarletts P.O.V

Later that evening, you're getting ready for your date after Jayden texts you that you're just gonna do something casual at one of your favourite places to eat. You decide on a cute yellow dress that dips low near your cleavage but flows nicely, stoping mid thigh. You fluff up the waves in your hair with your fingers, smiling satisfied as gentle ringlets border your face.

When you ascend the stairs and walk out towards the dining room, you see that Kirk, Oliver and your mom are seated at the table. They all look up at you, and you notice the way Oliver's eyes narrow

"Are you going on your date?"

You nod, and smile brightly at your mom

"Thanks mom for letting me go"

Kirk gives your mom a curious look, and she just shrugs. He grins.

"I think you're rubbing off on her Kirk"

"I just might be"

Your mom taps the seat beside her, and you walk over, your shirt heels click against the floor, before you lower yourself into the chair and avoid Oliver's gaze.

"So where are you guys going?"

Your mom's eyes are wide and excited as she awaits your response

"We're going to eat and hangout"

"Hangout huh..."

a glare, and watch as Kirk

"Enough, Oliver"

his eyes and continues to pick away at

with my hand on my ass and be here when he's over

you guys gonna do

You shrug.

down between mini-golfing, and just going for a walk

sounds romantic. And

the ruffles on your strap, and smiles,

"My girls growing up!"


don't embarrass

don't care. Is he picking

He'll be here

Oliver tightens his grip around his fork, and keeps a petulant frown on

even know

your mother, who raises her brow before placing a small hand on

of you to be concerned about her safety, but Scar can take

arrogant grin, satisfied

chem class, Jayden. I better go wait for him out

your seat, knowing Oliver is shooting daggers at your back as your leave the dinning

don't follow me...

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