Scarletts P.O.V

Enclosed in the car with Jayden on the way to your date, you're satisfied with the blatant jealousy Oliver showed before you left. You firm your lips, suppressing the content smile that wants to spread on your face, as you peer out the window of Jayden's car.

Jayden glances at you, before clearing his throat awkwardly, and tightening his grip on the steering wheel, quickly checking his phone for directions.

"I uh, I'm so glad we're doing this..."

"I am too. Where are we going?"

"I figured we could go to that little Italian place you said you liked - Sul Lago."

Just at the mention of Sul Lago, your stomach growls. You place your hand on your stomach and chuckle.

He really does listen. I'm surprised.

"That sounds great!"

"I'm glad you think so... So, uh, was that..."

Oh god, I was hoping he wouldn't notice

You nod, taking a deep breath.

"Yeah, that was Oliver, the guy from the party. He uh, was just seeing me off on the date"

"Really? Because he looked pretty pissed when we pulled away"

Why does Oliver have to ruin everything?

You laugh off his concern, waving your hand dismissively, before resting it on his arm reassuringly.

"Oh, no. He just got into an argument with his dad Kirk - my mom's boyfriend. He was in a pissy mood to begin with. He just walked me out" Jayden nods, but by the tension in his shoulder you can tell he isn't fully convinced. Especially not after Oliver basically shoved him... at the party, it was clear issuing contest.

Oliver doesn't matter. He shouldn't. There's nothing going on with us. That was clear as of this afternoon, when he decided to be a dick.

"I wouldn't worry about him"

"I'm not"

Unease settles in your gut, but you ignore the way it twists your stomach and will yourself too finally forget about Oliver for a little and enjoy Jayden's company.

The Italian bistro isn't far from your house. You pull up to it ten minutes later, and Jayden helps you out, before offering you his hand as an excuse to hold yours as you stroll to the front door.

You glance down at his hand, and he chuckles, offering you a boyish grin.


"I was hoping you'd think so"

Ah, what's the harm in a little flirting

You let him lead you inside where you're greeted with familiar Italian themed decor. Pictures of famous fountains and architecture decorate the walls along with quaint signs of Italian sayings you can understand, on one side, and on the other side are booths with rows of cabinets filled with different types of wines.

"Nice place"

is. Definitely" You smile at the waitress who comes over to you, placing

can I get you something to

phone vibrates, but you take a moment to order a

be surprised if its Oliver. Of course he'd want

leaves to retrieve your drinks, Jayden sets his eyes

"You look beautiful, Scarlett"

return his smile, a pang go guilt in your chest as your regard him because you don't really return those same

you're not too bad

pull your phone

"Everything alright?"

put your phone away. Oliver can wait. He

everything's fine. It's

text, only to bit your lip

Enjoying your dull

you send a quick agitated reply, hoping he

Its not dull by

Just as much as I enjoyed it the night you walked

He's relentless.

of him gripping his shaft the way he did when you found him in his room. How sexy it was watching him stoke himself, his breathlessness, the way his abs tightened when he came. All of

When you shift your gaze to him, he has a brow cocked, and a

date and Oliver it's screwing things

up on the table, waving your hands above it, while

find the

Jayden nods slowly.

"Oh, gotcha"

were you


"What's wrong with you?"

pleased as he smirks

spaghetti is just the noodle

Your phone vibrates again.

haven't even fucking replied o

Oliver: Imagining it? ;)

angrily, waving

I'm on a date, and that she's ruining it and I'm sure we will be good

Jayden chuckles.

"By all means"

serious you're being and realise the last thing you want is for him to text you while



Oliver: Liar


rise out of

Scarlett: fuck off, Oliver


impulse, you press your

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