Scarlett's POV

You listen anxiously as the waitress takes his order, and then yours, before you hot a quick reply to Oliver.

I know I'm going to regret this.

Scarlett: Fine. I'm going to the bathroom

You grip your phone, and quickly excuse yourself to the b a thrown. Jayden nods politely, letting you slip past him and hurry to the family restroom. Your heart beats erratically in your chest as you lock the door behind you, and the light automatically turns on. Your eyes scan the cute pictures of Italy hung on the wall.

Your phone vibrates with an incoming call.


You answer the phone, holding it to your ear, and your pussy twitches when you hear the husky octave voice on the other end.



He doesn't waste time teasing you. No. He's firm as he addresses you.

"Pull the straps down on your dress, Scarlett"


"Pull then down"

Excitement stirs in your gut as you oblige and gently tug your dress straps down with your free hand. Breathlessly, you speak into the phone.

"Okay, they're down"

"Good. Now trail your hand down your neck, dripping your fingers into your cleavage."

Oh fuck this is hot

You trail your fingers just as he instructed, teasingly grazing the area just above your nipples, briefly pulling back. Your breath quickens as you do that a few time.

"Now I want you to tug on those sexy nipples of yours"

Damnit, yes

You play with your nipples, thankful you didn't wear a bra so they're easily accessible. You feel yourself grow wetter, your panties are damp as you shift your legs and feel the moist material grind against yourself.

"Does that feel good, Scarlett?"

"Yes, Oliver. Go grid, yes, it feels fucking amazing"

The harder you tug at your nipples, the more your pussy throbs to be invaded.

"How badly do you want my mouth on those perfect tits?"

"So fucking bad"

"God, I want to taste so bad"

"Fuck yes"

and spread those thick thighs

"Oh, Oliver"

my name. Makes

his dick makes me clench my

over the wet lacy panties covering your pussy. You graze your fingers down your slit again and quiver from

pussy's wet, isn't it,

"So wet"

into the phone, and that's the motivation for you to rub your clit in a circle. You gasp and let your head fall backwards as the friction on your clit sends pleasure throughout your body. Your legs shake, and

Scarlett. I can tell you're getting too eager. You'll

"What do you want?"

much, when I finally let you cum, it'll be so intense your legs will give

words. If I know anything, its that

fingers, bringing them to your pubic area above your clit to calm yourself. The orgasm that began to swirl fiercely in your centre, slows and dies down a little so you can give him what he wants. What he's dying for. Your orgasm. But not just a quick, rush of ecstasy. He wants a slow, pleasurable tortured orgasm. One

don't you grind those panties against


of your pussy, and you begin to softly tug them upwards so they rub your

feels soooo

what your


panties against my pussy, Oliver. I-I

your hips forward to stretch the material as much


Ollie your such a

He chuckles

course. But you enjoy every fucking second

the fuck out of me, but he sure

want to

the muscles in your pussy longingly. With deep,

I know you do, Scar. And I want you too

Fucking finally

"Pull those panties aside"

tug the material sideways to rest beside your pussy, now

there a mirror

with a long mirror above the skin. It's just long

He's fucking clever.

stroke that clit. How fucking sexy you look. Slide hat dress

Oliver, that's


jerking my cock through my shorts right now,

that knowledge, facing enveloped by

too fucking hot.

middle finger down your wet slit, inhaling a sharp breath as your finger

your finger to rub quickly on that clit

"Okay, I will"

gaze forward, using the mirror to watch yourself. Your pussy

feels so good, Oliver. I want to cum. Oh

to be fucked by me,


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