Scarletts P.O.V

After your date with Jayden which ends on an awkward note when he moves in for a kiss and you twist your head so he gets your cheek, you find yourself laying on your bed while scrolling though your phone. Exhaustion sets in as you relive the events of the day. You're startled by someone cleaning their throat, and you glance up from your phone to see Oliver leaning casually in your doorway.

"What do you want?"

"How was your date?"

He gives you a knowing smirk and you roll your eyes, annoyed with his overly cocky attitude.

He lives to torture me

"It was fun, actually, Jayden and I ended up having a great time"

Okay, its a bit of a lie. Oh well.

You enjoy the way Oliver narrows his eyes with jealousy as he crosses his arms over his chest.

"Oh really?"

"Mhm. He's a pretty cool guy"

Oliver scoffs, rubbing his chin before he steps further into your room, closing the bedroom door behind him, and grins deviously.

"A cool guy, huh?"

You nod, returning his grin with one just as teasing as his own.

"The coolest"

He moves closer towards you, placing his hand on the end of your bed beginning to crawl on it. You shoot backward until your back hits the headboard and there's nowhere else to run. He stops with an inch between you, gazing down at your lips hungrily, before slowly dragging his eyes back up to meet yours.

"Hm... well, I'll tell you one thing, Scar, you didn't cum for the coolest guy. No. You saved that just for me, baby"

"Stop it"

"Or what?"

Or I want be able to stop myself

"Come on, Scar, say it"

brow, and with a raspy

"Say what?"

at the crack in your voice, and leans so close you think he's going to kiss you, but he doesn't. Not yet. Just teases you with

"The truth"


date. How much you loved it having me in

slowly runs across your lips, and his eyes dart

about that

as he

"I loved it"

a deep breath after hearing

used to it, Scar. Only next

leans forward and his lips graze yours softly, before you


he pushes his mouth a little more firmly against your

He's always teasing me...

mouth, and press your fingers against your lips as he climbs off your bed, and stands, making sure to cast you a boyish grin before


reaches it, your door opens and your mother peers

Holy shit!

you clutch your hands to your chest, startled as she glares back and

in here while he was on my fucking


what if we

Oliver, I was

raises her

"What's going on?"

to reign in the panic that frantically seizes you, before you hear Oliver's smooth voice chime in and a lie

having boy

frowns, sympathy in her eyes as she steps

happened? The date

Smooth going...

Oliver a 'nice save' side glance, before nodding

leave you

heads for the door, when your mom

a really down to earth girl, she actually might be transferring to your college,

"Why him?"

I shouldn't

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