Scarlett's POV

You listen as she opens her room, and leaves the changing room. You reach for our phone, pulling up your camera to take a couple pics of you in the lingerie. You're startled when you hear someone knocking on your stall.

"Um, occupied"

Every other fucking stall is open, yet they have to bang on this one

You jump when you hear his voice

"Oh, I know you want to let me in"

Oh my fucking god... how the hell did he get in here? Where's Bri?

You take a deep breath, phone clenched in your hand.

You quickly step out of the pair of panties you're trying on, so you're just in your thong and the lace bra you're trying on.

You reach for the lock and open it, stepping back as his large frame fills the space, and he closes the stall, locking it behind him.

"Bri will be back soon"

His smile spreads slowly, as he steps forward, grazing his fingers on the side of your face, making sure to drag his thumb over your plump bottom lip.

God, he's so hot

You get lost in his dark eyes, steadying yourself by pressing back against the mirror, along with your hands.

"Then you're gonna have to cum quietly for me, baby"

This is insane!

You want to deny him, shake your head and be logical, but your brain isn't thinking straight. Your judgment is too clouded by him. The intoxicating way he smells so goos, or the electricity you feel from his fingers as he gently covers your mouth and steps forward, wedging his leg between your knees to spread your legs for him.

I'm so turned on right now

Oliver uses his other hand to pull you down onto the bench, and you gasp, which is muffled by the hand he holds loosely to your mouth. He kneels before you, smirking as he's gently dragging his hand down your face and neck, squeezing gently.

"Oh god, Oliver"

You whisper, but he still holds his finger over his mouth to shush you.

"You're gonna need to be quiet, Scar. As much as I love when you moan my name baby, I don't wanna get caught with your pussy in my mouth"

He's going to eat me out. That fucking tongue... I've been dreaming about that.

licks his lips while dragging a hand down your stomach, teasingly

the lingerie you've

a waste of money but I

moan softly, pressing

for my mouth on

I want that

your thighs with each hand anal rests them on his shoulders, before dragging you forward so


a warning brow, grabs your thong, moving it off to the side, before you feel his breath cascade your wet folds. A soft moan escapes

in there,

in the next stall deter him, he moves in and kisses the inside of our thigh. Starting with the left

lot and I'm

okay, I'm gonna

while he's in here... I wont be able to focus on the

with his palm as he drags his tongue up your

too good. That mouth... his

tongue around it which causes you to shake beneath him, before he releases it and

your pussy as

Too. Fucking. Good.

down, freeing one of your heavy breasts. He caresses it, his thumb rolling your nipple, causing you to

his tongue to vibrate on your wet pussy and you cry out, the sound strangled in his palm as you cum endlessly in his mouth. Your

That was so intense.

juices around his mouth before he rubs them off with his hand.

as I thought you

what to say to that, so you silently watch him go. It finally dawns on you that he was still with

probably left her ass at the

the bridge of your

"Oh, are you finished?"

You frown

she didn't

"What do you mean?"

begin to get dressed, to

quiet but it didn't really work... thank god it was only me

as you finish

"You heard?"

I'm the only

"I'm so fucking embarrassed"

That was hot. Bitch I wish someone would come harass me in the changing room. That's like every girls

Maybe in porn videos...

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