Scarletts P.O.V

Later that night, unbeknownst to you, your mother invites Theresa to a family dinner. It isn't until you're striding into the kitchen in a pair of sweats, and a loose crop top without a bra, that you realise you have company. You halt, immediately annoyed when you see her sitting next to Oliver at he table. Your mom takes one look at you, and frowns.

'Scar, maybe you should change. We have company"

Nope. Fuck that

You pull your lips into a fake smile, and shake your head.

"Awe, come on mom. I'm sure Theresa doesn't mind"

"I do"

Yet, I don't care

When you're eyes move back to Oliver, your nipples harden and you know by the thin material of your shirt, it's obvious. His eyes move down your breasts, and he slowly licks his lips before quirking his brow curiously at you.

"Sometimes your impossible"

"I'm your kid"

You move quickly towards the table, and sit directly across from Oliver, grinning at him.

I bet if we kissed, I'd taste myself on his tongue

The thought drives you wild. You take a deep breath, reaching to fill our plate with meat and broccoli.

"This looks delish, mom"

"Thanks, Scar. So, Theresa was just telling me that you bumped into her and Oliver at the mall"

Oh yeah, that's one way to put it

You nod, cutting into your steak and popping a piece into your mouth, while smiling at Theresa who returns your smile while eating. Oliver regards you, uncertainty lining his brows. You purposely scoot your seat forward so your breasts bounce and your nipples strain harder against your shirt. Oliver drinks them in, and shifts in his seat.

He's getting turned on...

You can tell by his salacious gaze as it settles once again on your face

"Oh yeah, Bri and I were shopping for a few things"


wants to put Oliver on the spot. Jealousy eats away at you when Theresa leans over to Oliver and whispers

"Nothing interesting"

Especially if you went

Theresa places her hand on Oliver's forearm


I bought, right

you being so teasing. Especially in front of your mom. When he doesn't answer, you scoff, and stab a piece of meat dramatically

bad boy

that's right. It was for

around the table makes you giggle, before


Your mom nods slowly.

some bras and these

contact with Oliver, as you reach out your door, and begin to slowly drag it up his leg. He stiffens, inhaling a sharp breath. Theresa quirks her brow questioningly. You bite your lip, suppressing your

"Everything alright, Oliver?"

and he curses,

Wow, he's really hard

feel yourself getting wet knowing Theresa's sitting obliviously beside him. You're thankful when your mom directs her

brow with a serious expression on his face. You meet his firm expression with a teasing smirk, and raise your brows, surprised when he

the hell has gotten into

foot back on the floor,

me to want him and when I finally show I do, he acts weird... fucking

me for a

and Theresa glance at him but continue their

damn up and down

waving your phone dramatically. You move quickly once you're out of view of the kitchen, walking downstairs

hell would he be taking a shower

surprised when it isn't locked before you slip inside. Your eyes meet his bare back, the chiselled muscle makes you clench the walls of your pussy before you close the

hell was

feel the water, before he begins undoing his pants, and slides them down his powerful thighs. He looks amazing in boxer briefs.

hell do you go from bombarding me in

"Just go, Scarlett..."

you tell me what the fuck is going on. Is

fit of mirthless laughter erupts from him, before he shakes his head, and twists his neck so

never listen can

You shrug

"I guess not"

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