Scarletts P.O.V

After your heated argument with Oliver, you avoided going home for a few days. Instead, you've slept over at Bri's. After a couple days past you find yourself back home, and actively avoiding Oliver.

I really don't need to be bothered by him. He made shit pretty clear, and I'm no longer interested. I'm not going to play his games.

You head to the kitchen, where your mom is throwing dinner together. She smiles when she sees you, eyes widening with surprise.

"Missed us, huh?"

Couldn't avoided home forever.

You shrug, and move closer, wrinkling your nose as the aroma of whatever she's cooking wafts towards you.

"Smells good"

"Oh, it is. I figured I'd make something nice. Oliver's been so sweet to Theresa"

At the mention of Oliver and Theresa you tense up, firming your lips and rolling your eyes

"What, you don't like Theresa?"

Shit, she wasn't supposed to see that

"She's nice"

All I'm saying is, he's not too reliable.

If I've learned anything, he sue as hell isn't. He's one way, and just when you start to change your mind about him, he switches up.

"Let's just give him the benefit of a doubt. Besides, at least I'm not forcing you to hangout with him. He's getting out"

She grins at you, and raises her brows excitedly, and you pull your lips into a fake smile, but secretly you're pissed. Saying you don't have feelings for someone is one thing, but actually getting over someone emotionally is an entirely different fucking story.

Its not the fact I don't like him... I could care fucking less about that. Its the fact he jumps from one girl to the next that disgusts me. He can have Theresa. I doubt shell be his last anyways.

"Honestly, I don't care about Oliver's love life"

"Oh really?"


You tense up, your eyes widen as mother firms her lips wont surprise and her eyes widen with alarm.

"She didn't mean that Oliver-"

"Don't speak for me. I did"

Why should I care if he knows I don't give a crap about him. It's actually better if he does. Gives me... satisfaction

You twist on your heel, eyes meeting his, and you resist sucking back on the deep breath that chokes you every time you lay eyes on him. You hate hoe taken back you are by hoe gorgeous he is. Attractive on the outside. Shit underneath. Crossing your arms over your chest, you quirk a brow challengingly at him.

"Hm, as far as I was concerned my love lifted as top one on your list of priorities"

Oh, he's fucking around... intensionally bringing that shit up in front of my mom now I'm nit swooning after him.

"Ah, found it all a little boring actually. Besides, I'd have to actually care about you to be invested in something like that. Oops. Guess I don't"

"Guys, please don't argue... I have to run and use the bathroom, Scar, don't let he sauce burn"

You nod without tearing your intense gaze away from Oliver, listening as your mothers footsteps disappear into the next room.

"Don't kid yourself, Scar"

Back to calling me that again? He's clinically insane. Clearly.

"Don't call me that"

"But you love it"

"I'm sorry, but don't you have another woman's life to go ruin?"

nearly as fun


you and you


takes another spot forward. He licks his

the hell does

to appear disheveled and somehow it makes him even more attractive. Almost like if you dragged your fingers

not me teasing you, Scarlett. You're just easily provoked. You get yourself worked

this shit

"Fuck you, Oliver"

tapping his


"You're a pig"

claimed to

widens his arms,

fun hell of a

well I don't want

before dragging his eyes down your shirt, lingering on the hardened nipples


think you want to ride, and baby I'd lay

fuck he's acting different, when your mom scurries back into the room and frowns as her eyes move to the pot you haven't

told you

offering your mom an

"Sorry, I got distracted"

wasn't because

"Just the opposite"

want to

flip him off behind you. His chuckle fills the

been meaning to ask you what you wanted for your

fucking forgot about

cross your arms over your chest, and sigh hoping Oliver has left the room, but knowing your luck he's just waiting to stir some shit up again. It's like he

me a

You mom sighs

need to actually celebrate.

at Oliver as he stands

house that we could

A lake house???

when have you

the sauce before

to let a bunch of

casts you an annoyed look, before he


"You do that"

mom's back is turned and leans close

could always go without permission. Who the hell's gonna

be the one who's

You shake your head.


that's like his favourite fucking

phone vibrates and you pull it out of your pocket, checking the screen quick

Briana: party tonight?

the last one went

first to tell you

oh boo you bitch. Don't tell

"Anything interesting?"

Bri wanting to make

mouths an 'oh'

time are

and of course he's fucking

down at your phone for a moment, before you reply to Bri

Scarlett: fine. I'm down

at my place

going to

upset, she got

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