Scarletts P.O.V

Later that night, you and Bri head to a bonfire party at her cousin Shane's. He's a college student who roommates with some of his brides. Although you told Bri to pace herself, you find yourself downing drinks quicker than usual.

"He's probably out with her right now"

You scowl, your eyes trailed on the vast fire, watching as it looks like the flames are licking the sky. You turn to Bri who's eyes are glossy and wide as she nods to you.

"She's not even cute"

"He's a jackass"

You curse, and grab your phone, glancing at the screen before you put it face down. You search the litter of people you don't know, only recognising Shane and one of his roommates. The rest are strangers. Despite the fuzziness i your head and the fact you cant focus, you feel like your heads never been more clear.

"I bet he'd be fucking jealous if he saw me here with someone"

"Of course he would be, because guys want to be able to do all the things they'd bitch at us for"

You nod, letting your gaze linger on the cute guy standing over towards the backyard fence with a beer in his hand.

"Oh, you know what you should do?"


"I'll take a pic of you with that cute guy and we can post it on your timeline"

You and Bri laugh before you nod and stand, holding out your arms to steady yourself before you both begin walking over towards the guy. He turns his head, a curious expression on his face as he observes you with blue eyes. He's not bad looking but you don't care about that. He's just a means to an end.

Oliver wants me to be jealous? He'll be jealous. Fucker.

You reach him, and Bri grabs your phone.


"Hey, whats up?"

"I'm Scarlett, this is Bri. She's Shane's cousin"

You watch him nod with recognition

"I'm Nate"


"Its Nate"

what I

friend and shakes his head while rubbing the

uh, you


You both giggle

fault. How do you know

friends with his

"Oh, that's awesome"

of the corner of your eye as Bri angles the

"Uh, yeah. I guess"

"Got it"

was nice to

"Uh... you too"

to the chairs littering the fire.

your timeline. I

"You're the best"

"I know"

should call

a few times


and that you hope him and



"I don't know"

"I'll do it"

for your phone and you hold

him. If I put you

you press 'call' on your phone,

be good.

after a few rings, confusion laced


sorry, did I interrupt your

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