Scarlett's POV

Oliver narrows his eyes at you, but his silent warning is not cause for you to stop. You don't care hoe he feels. You're unscathed by his blatant anger. Jealousy is a wild beast raging inside of you.

"After what happened, I wasn't lest with the impression you were exclusively dating. In fact..."

You step forward, cupping your chin curiously as you bite your lip, and train sadistically playful eyes on him, hoping he can see the true fury lingering beneath. You giggle gently for emphasis.

"I even recall you saying it was the best you've ever had"

"Okay, enough"

Oliver moves forward, grabbing your wrist firmly. His eyes are swirling orbs of anguish as he hisses a command

"Let's go. Now."

He begins towing you off down the hall. You admire the way his muscles ripple in his shirt as he continues to lead you away. You feel your insides clenching, remembering your intimate moments with him in the car. Despite your own anger, you feel your body responding to his closeness, nipples hardening, panties becoming wet the longer he holds you in his grasp.

What the hell is the matter with me? He's an asshole, and my body still wants him!

"Oh, whats the matter, Ollie? Can dish it but cant take it?"

You're met with fuming silence as he brings you towards the vacant guy. His footsteps are heavy. Irate. You scoff, refusing to let his brooding silence intimidate you.

"Now you're bring quiet. How grown up of you... seems like your little girlfriend was about to stake her claim to you"

He halts near the guy doors. You're both obscured from those walking past in the hallway by the stairs. He moves close to you, hands clenched down at his sides.

"She's not my girlfriend"

You place your hands on your hips and shake your head. You've had enough of his bullshit and games. Hearing him lie once again is like a slap in your face. Your face twists into disgust.

"I didn't invite her"


"Your parents did"

would they invite her

attractiveness. Your heart flutters in your chest wildly, as he shoots you a breathtaking smile and presses himself into

jealousy looks good on

"Fuck you"

smart mouth of

you exactly what

hands on his neck, seductively gliding them around to cup his cheeks, before you pull them away and eye

to your knees, hands reaching for his pants. You expect him to pull you up, or push your hands away. Especially because any minute someone could come waltzing down the hall and catch

catch me... I'll suck

his bulging cock from his boxers. You eye


if you remember

me want

do like a

teasingly around your lips to moisten them as you prepare to suck him

I can

your head forward and wrap your lips around the tip. You gently begin to suck on the head, teasingly stroking him slowly with your


be a damn thought

until he's pressed against the back of

tight... Feels

love the control you have as you pleasure him for once. With his mouth slightly slack, eyes heavy with pleasure, you

"So fucking sexy...mine"

did he mean by

"Oh god, Scarlett"

is soft as he moans, his cock twitching in your mouth as you swirl your tongue along the tip. His shaft is slick with your saliva, making it easier to

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